Thinking About the Future

Hey guys! I think it's only started to hit me now that I've finished two whole years at university, and I am about to embark on my third and final year as an undergraduate. I've said before, since being at university I've not really been sure what I want to do afterwards, but I feel… Continue reading Thinking About the Future


It’s The Little Things

Hey guys! I was watching a video on Youtube about happiness and what can make people happy, and the main thing I realised from it was that, for me, more often than not, it's the little things that leave the biggest impression. As much as I love going to new places and doing new things, I am just… Continue reading It’s The Little Things


Writing Phases

Hey guys! Now I've finished university, I thought I would easily get straight back into writing just as I did before, but seeing as my blog posts in general have been very... here and there, I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. I guess you could say I have writer's… Continue reading Writing Phases

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I Don’t Know?!

Hey guys! I feel like over the years of me blogging, it has definitely helped me to express my thoughts because when I try and explain them to someone face-to-face, the words can't seem to come out because I don't know how to say them to another human being. That sounds really weird, but bare with. When… Continue reading I Don’t Know?!

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Writer’s Block

Hey guys! I'm leaving for South Africa in two days. I've scheduled about 3 Flashback Friday posts. I literally have no idea what else to write about. It's been three days since my last post which, for me, feels like I haven't written anything for more like 3 weeks. I have writer's block. Okay, I… Continue reading Writer’s Block