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Moving On

Hey guys! Those of you who have been in relationships will know exactly where this post is going. But I'll say now, this post hasn't been planned. I'm writing with just my current thoughts on where I'm at right now. Moving on is the hardest thing I ever thought I'd have to do. It's been… Continue reading Moving On


I’ve Got Tonsillitis!

Hey guys! If you follow me on social media, this will be no big surprise to you, but on Thursday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis! Yaaaay! This is also kind of why I've been a bit distant from the blog recently, because I started feeling kind of unwell on Tuesday evening, then it really hit… Continue reading I’ve Got Tonsillitis!

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It’s Been a While…

Hey guys! I've just realised my last post was on March 15th and I am so sorry I haven't written much recently! I've been super busy, as I am in the penultimate week of term, so deadlines are fast approaching. So, today I thought I would give you a bit of an update, to let… Continue reading It’s Been a While…


First Week of Lectures

Hey guys! Semester 1 of Year 2 has started for me, so I thought I would write a diary type thing of how all of my lectures went. The lucky thing is that I'm only in Monday to Wednesday, but all my lectures are three hours long, so overall I have 12 hours a week,… Continue reading First Week of Lectures


New House: One Week Later

Hey guys! Again, I am really sorry about the lack of good quality posts recently. We are still having a few troubles with our house, even though the problems we have now are smaller and fewer than the ones we had before. Our wifi box arrived on Tuesday and we set it up correctly, and… Continue reading New House: One Week Later


Moving Again

Hey guys! On Monday I moved into my new house! It is the house I will be staying in for the rest of this year, and potentially next year as well, while I am in my second and third year at university. So today I thought I would tell you all about how the moving… Continue reading Moving Again


So Far in SA…

Hey guys! Yes, I am still alive, and no, I haven't abandoned this blog completely. If you haven't been keeping up with my most recent posts, I am currently in South Africa visiting family and friends. We arrived on Friday morning, after a very rushed breakfast on British Airways. The flight was already delayed the… Continue reading So Far in SA…



Hey guys! Hindsight is an incredible thing. I look back on things that I have done in my life on a regular basis and think about whether or not that was a good idea. Whether or not I should have done it differently. And I'm sure that there will be many more of these moments… Continue reading Hindsight


20 Facts About Me

Hey guys! In case you weren't already aware, on July 3rd I hit 700 subscribers on my blog, and I wrote a post about it which you can read here. I said I wanted to do something to celebrate that achievement, but at the time I didn't have many ideas. But today I was thinking, and I thought,… Continue reading 20 Facts About Me