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Review on… Inferno

Hey guys! There seems to be a common theme with my film reviews, in that I always go and watch them with my boyfriend... anyway, that's not the point! I went to see Inferno today, which is kind of the third in Dan Brown's series about Robert Langdon, who you'll remember from The Da Vinci Code and Angels and… Continue reading Review on… Inferno


Review on… Thriller Live

Hey guys! Last night, my family and I went to watch Thriller Live, the West End production of the works of Michael Jackson which is now going on a UK tour. I wasn't always a Michael Jackson fan. I always knew who he was, because it was, and still is, pretty hard to not have heard of… Continue reading Review on… Thriller Live

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Top 5 Favourite War Films

Hey guys! I would definitely define myself as a film fanatic/enthusiast/addict. And I would say that two of my favourite genres are thrillers and war films. When I say "war films", I mean the more realistic ones, rather than ones which are just made to have as many explosions as possible, or are a mix of… Continue reading Top 5 Favourite War Films