Summer TBR List 2017

Hey guys! It's become a bit of a tradition of mine to do an annual Summer Reading List on my blog. I have always enjoyed reading, and the summer holidays are always the best time to get loads of reading done, especially when you're an English Literature student and need the summer to catch up… Continue reading Summer TBR List 2017


Summer Reading Wrap Up

Hey guys! I feel like the world's worst reader, because I have done terribly in my self set Summer TBR challenge thing... I gave myself like ten or so books, which you can read about here, and the majority of those books are ones which I need to read for my modules when I go back… Continue reading Summer Reading Wrap Up


Summer Reading

Hey guys! As I'm sure you'll know, the summer holidays are the best time for getting good, solid reading done. Or so it should be. Usually, over summer, I will be constantly reading new and exciting books, but this year hasn't exactly gone so well... You might remember that I wrote a Summer TBR List… Continue reading Summer Reading