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Review on… Storks

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to watch Storks with my boyfriend, mainly because we felt like watching something lighthearted rather than serious. I wasn't really sure how much I was going to like this film when I went in to the cinema, because I'd only watched the trailer once or twice but I thought I'd… Continue reading Review on… Storks

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Clearance 101

Hey guys! For all of those living in the UK, I'm sure you'll be aware that tomorrow is a-level results day. This time last year I was absolutely terrified about not getting the grades to get into university, but what happened to me was the last thing I could've dreamt of. If you're a recent… Continue reading Clearance 101

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EU Referendum Part 2

Hey guys! Recently, especially since writing my last post, I think I've become more political when it comes to the upcoming EU Referendum. In my last post, I remember not really caring whether people wanted to stay or not. Well, Iย didย care, obviously, because I want the UK to stay in the EU, but I did… Continue reading EU Referendum Part 2


EU Referendum

Hey guys! For those of you who don't know, on the 23rd June 2016, the UK will be able to vote on whether or not they wish to stay a part of the European Union (or the EU for short). Since I first heard about this referendum, I always thought it was a little bit… Continue reading EU Referendum

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Review On… Inside Out

Hey guys! I went to see Disney Pixar's latest new release, that is "Inside Out". For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last year, and haven't heard about it, "Inside Out" is an animated film about a young girl called Riley, who moves to San Francisco with her parents… Continue reading Review On… Inside Out

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Let’s Talk About Bravery

Hey guys!  I saw this image on Facebook earlier and it made me really angry. I want you to take a look at it and see why:    If you don't know who the person on the bottom image is, she is Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner). The Jenner's and the Kardashian's are people who… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Bravery