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Open Days!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry about not posting yesterday, after doing so well during the first week of Blogtober... The reason I didn't write anything yesterday was because I was working at my first open day of the year, and my first open day as a student ambassador! Last year I worked as a tour… Continue reading Open Days!

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University Diaries: Choosing Your Top 5

Hey guys! As I'm sure most of you who are applying/have applied to University will know, there is a point where you have to choose up to five Universities to apply to on UCAS. (Don't worry if you don't know what UCAS is- it's the British system of applying to University. If you live in… Continue reading University Diaries: Choosing Your Top 5

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University Diaries: Open Days

Hey guys! My first proper University Diary entry was about starting points, and I talked about going to open days, but I wanted to be a bit more specific in this post. For some of you, you may not have ever been to an open day before, and you might not know what kind of… Continue reading University Diaries: Open Days

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University Diaries: Starting Point

Hey guys! You may remember a little while back I wrote a post called "The University Diaries" and I suggested the idea of making a new series about the whole university thing, because most of my posts these days are about university. But I've changed my mind a little bit, and I have decided to… Continue reading University Diaries: Starting Point

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The University Diaries

Hey guys! I'm really starting to think that I should change my blog name to "The University Diaries". I probably won't, because that requires a lot of effort, and I only recently (kind of) changed my blog name to The Storyteller. When I say "recently" I mean nearly 2 years ago. The reason for that… Continue reading The University Diaries