Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: July

Hey guys! Again, this Monthly Discovery will be quite a short post because it's ANOTHER SONG! My favourite singer is Adam Lambert, and I feel like this is common knowledge by now, so I'm not going to say too much more about how much I love him. However, I will say that his new song… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: July

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Monthly Discoveries: June

Hey guys! This month's "discovery" isn't really a discovery, it's really just a new music video for a song I really like. Those of you who are really into Youtube will know the musician Bry and his song "Disarm" now has a new video! So I thought that would be a good thing to use… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: June

Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: May

Hey guys! This month, again, isn't really a "new" discovery, but one of my favourite bands has released a music video for one of their songs, Dear Daughter. It's such an amazing song and Halestorm are such a great band so I'm really happy they've released a video for this song in particular! Hope you… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: May

Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: April

Hey guys! Whenever I do these posts I try to keep all the titles the same but then I forget how I format them (Like if I have it as I do now, or if I have the name of the thing I've "discovered" or not) and I'm too lazy to check how I normally… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: April

Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: March

Hey guys! This month's "discovery" is another music video from a YouTuber whose covers I absolutely love! Some of you who are into the whole YouTube thing may be familiar with Sarah Close, and she has recently released a single called Call Me Out.  I am currently still listening to this song for the first time… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: March

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Birthday Gifts!

Hey guys! So, I thought a lot about doing this post, because I've seen a lot of Youtubers and Bloggers alike doing the "What I got for Christmas" thing, and I was never really into that, because I didn't want to feel like I was showing off. It's been a few days since my birthday… Continue reading Birthday Gifts!

Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: December

Hey guys! So this month's discovery is another Youtube musician, who I "discovered" a while ago, actually, but she is so talented and deserves as much recognition as possible! On an unrelated side note, my typing has definitely gotten worse over the past three months because I keep spelling all the words wrong and it's… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: December


Monthly Discovery: November

Hey guys! As you all know, I am a huge fan of Hamilton, and have written countless posts on it since I found out about it back in March, or whenever it was. And being a Hamilfan, I often get Hamilton related videos being recommended to me on YouTube, and my monthly discovery for this… Continue reading Monthly Discovery: November

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Monthly Discoveries

Hey guys! A little while ago I was thinking of doing a monthly favourites, because that's quite a popular thing to do on blogs, but to be honest, I don't think I'd be very good at it, because all the things I decide to be put in my favourites would just be described as being… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries


Kings of Leon – WALLS

Hey guys! This isn't really a "post" post, but the Kings of Leon have recently released a new single called "Walls", and I just wanted to leave it here for you guys to listen to. It's so beautiful and sad and calm, and everything... I've only just discovered this particular song and I love it… Continue reading Kings of Leon – WALLS