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The End is Nigh

Hey guys! Don't worry too much about the title, it's nothing morbid or anything to worry about! In fact, it's the complete opposite. I am coming to the end of my second semester of my second year, then I will have a month off over April and I will be back at Uni for three… Continue reading The End is Nigh

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Training for a Swimathon

Hey guys! As I'm sure most of you will know if you've been following me for the past few weeks on both my blog and my social media, you will be aware that I am taking part in a Swimathon on the 8th April to raise money for Marie Curie- all that information can be… Continue reading Training for a Swimathon


Marie Curie and the Swimathon Foundation

Hey guys! So as you'll know I recently did a 24 hour radio show for the charity St David's Hospice in North Wales with my friend- but the fundraising doesn't end there! I have always been a keen swimmer, having spent most of my hours outside of school training with my club before I came to university.… Continue reading Marie Curie and the Swimathon Foundation

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Monthly Discovery: February

Hey guys! This month's discovery was found by accident- by that, I mean if I hadn't been scrolling through Twitter ten minutes before I started writing this post, this post would be here. And I'm so glad that I came upon this blog post because it's something that is so so important at this moment in… Continue reading Monthly Discovery: February


Lin Manuel Miranda: My Inspiration

Hey guys! Today I was asked who inspired me, and my answer was Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of the Hamilton Musical. If you've been following my blog for the past six months or so, you'll know I have an unhealthy obsession with Hamilton, and I have no shame in admitting that. But part of… Continue reading Lin Manuel Miranda: My Inspiration


Revisiting “New Earth”

Hey guys! I wonder how many of you have been following my blog since the 2012 era? Back when my blog was called South African Nutter? Because if you were reading my posts back then, you might remember that I wrote a four part series called "New Earth". You can search for it in the… Continue reading Revisiting “New Earth”