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My Goals for 2018

Hello and welcome to 2018! It wouldn't be the New Year without me joining the New Years Resolution Post Bandwagon, now would it? I don't know if you've noticed a trend with my Resolution/Goals post, but they always have a slightly different name each year... Maybe it's me trying to be edgy and cool... This… Continue reading My Goals for 2018

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Keeping Healthy at Uni

Hey guys! Before I came to university, I trained with my swimming club five days a week, and that was simply part of my routine. It was easy to motivate myself to go because I'd been doing it for years and I knew the club really well. When I came to university, I joined the swimming… Continue reading Keeping Healthy at Uni


Sport, Exercise and Body Image

Hey guys! I haven't written a sports related post in a while, and I recently watched a video on YouTube by Hannah Witton in which she talks about her relationship with sport, and she also goes on to talk about the book Eat Sweat Play by Anna Kessel, and these are the things which inspired my post today. If… Continue reading Sport, Exercise and Body Image


Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Hey guys! Jamie's Sugar Rush was on the other night. Who watched it? I did! And I have to say that it definitely made me think twice about what I actually eat. I consider myself to be healthy, because I do loads of exercise throughout the week, and until I watched Jamie's Sugar Rush, I… Continue reading Jamie’s Sugar Rush


Reasons Why I’m Not a Vegan

Hey guys! This is probably one of the most random posts I'll ever write, but if you read my Dragon's Loyalty Award post from the other day, I mentioned that it is unlikely that I will ever become a vegan. So I decided I'd write a post about the reasons why I've made this decision. I'd just… Continue reading Reasons Why I’m Not a Vegan