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Top 5 Favourite War Films

Hey guys! I would definitely define myself as a film fanatic/enthusiast/addict. And I would say that twoย of my favourite genres are thrillers and war films. When I say "war films", I mean the more realistic ones, rather than ones which are just made to have as many explosions as possible, or are a mix of… Continue reading Top 5 Favourite War Films

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Review on… Rebecca

Hey guys! I recently finished reading "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier, as it was recommended by my English teacher. I know it's not a new release, but I wanted to talk about it with you all anyway. So, for those of you who don't know anything about the story, "Rebecca" isn't actually about Rebecca. Well… Continue reading Review on… Rebecca

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Chaos and the Calm- James Bay

Hey guys! On Monday (23rd March) James Bay's debut album was released here in the UK. I know I only recently wrote about James Bay's single "Hold Back the River" and how much I loved it, but now I have the physical copy of the album and I'm in love with it. Initially I thought… Continue reading Chaos and the Calm- James Bay

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Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragons

Hey guys! Album review number two is here, and today I am writing about Imagine Dragons' new album "Smoke + Mirrors" (if you hadn't already read the title...) I am a massive Imagine Dragons fan, so much so that for my A-level Media Coursework I made a music video to their song "Bleeding Out", which… Continue reading Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragons