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Birthday Gifts!

Hey guys! So, I thought a lot about doing this post, because I've seen a lot of Youtubers and Bloggers alike doing the "What I got for Christmas" thing, and I was never really into that, because I didn't want to feel like I was showing off. It's been a few days since my birthday… Continue reading Birthday Gifts!


It’s The Little Things

Hey guys! I was watching a video on Youtube about happiness and what can make people happy, and the main thing I realised from it was that, for me, more often than not, it's the little things that leave the biggest impression. As much as I love going to new places and doing new things, I am just… Continue reading It’s The Little Things


First Week of Lectures

Hey guys! Semester 1 of Year 2 has started for me, so I thought I would write a diary type thing of how all of my lectures went. The lucky thing is that I'm only in Monday to Wednesday, but all my lectures are three hours long, so overall I have 12 hours a week,… Continue reading First Week of Lectures


Move In Weekend!

Hey guys! I have been very busy this weekend, as it was the fresher's move in weekend, and as I volunteered to be part of Fresher's Crew, so we helped move in all the new fresher's for this year into their flats. As I said it's volunteer work, so I didn't get paid for it,… Continue reading Move In Weekend!


New House: One Week Later

Hey guys! Again, I am really sorry about the lack of good quality posts recently. We are still having a few troubles with our house, even though the problems we have now are smaller and fewer than the ones we had before. Our wifi box arrived on Tuesday and we set it up correctly, and… Continue reading New House: One Week Later


Moving Again

Hey guys! On Monday I moved into my new house! It is the house I will be staying in for the rest of this year, and potentially next year as well, while I am in my second and third year at university. So today I thought I would tell you all about how the moving… Continue reading Moving Again

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The Amsterdam Book Tag

Hey guys! I am now back from my trip to South Africa (which was fabulous, thank you for asking), and while I was there my lovely friend Em tagged me in The Amsterdam Book Tag which was created by my other friend Michelle (The Writing Hufflepuff) so I thought I would start September off with doing just that!… Continue reading The Amsterdam Book Tag


So Far in SA…

Hey guys! Yes, I am still alive, and no, I haven't abandoned this blog completely. If you haven't been keeping up with my most recent posts, I am currently in South Africa visiting family and friends. We arrived on Friday morning, after a very rushed breakfast on British Airways. The flight was already delayed the… Continue reading So Far in SA…



Hey guys! Hindsight is an incredible thing. I look back on things that I have done in my life on a regular basis and think about whether or not that was a good idea. Whether or not I should have done it differently. And I'm sure that there will be many more of these moments… Continue reading Hindsight

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Friendship Evolution

Hey guys! One of the things I think most people are worried about when it comes to starting university or moving away from home is how you keep your friendships going. Throughout life you will meet loads of new people, but you will also lose people too, as unfortunate as it is. When I lived… Continue reading Friendship Evolution