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Monthly Discoveries: June

Hey guys! This month's "discovery" isn't really a discovery, it's really just a new music video for a song I really like. Those of you who are really into Youtube will know the musician Bry and his song "Disarm" now has a new video! So I thought that would be a good thing to use… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: June

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Current Favourite TV Shows

Hey guys! I love watching TV, and I always feel like I don't watch it very often because whenever people ask me what my favourite TV show is, I always struggle to answer. But that's not because I don't watch a lot of TV, it's because I watch too much TV, it's all just dependent on when… Continue reading Current Favourite TV Shows


What Do You Mean?

Hey guys! I was going to call this post "What Do You Mean You Like Justin Bieber", but a) I thought that would be too long, and b) it's not 100% true. But I did want there to be a pun so hence why I just explained that to you. Anyway, I've said before, a… Continue reading What Do You Mean?


Flashback Friday #8

The One With My Favourite Books Hey guys! As you all know, I am an avid reader. I love books so much, that I even want my own library in my house when I finally "grow up". So I thought that for today's Flashback Friday, I would talk to you about some of my favourite childhood books.… Continue reading Flashback Friday #8

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Top 5 Favourite War Films

Hey guys! I would definitely define myself as a film fanatic/enthusiast/addict. And I would say that two of my favourite genres are thrillers and war films. When I say "war films", I mean the more realistic ones, rather than ones which are just made to have as many explosions as possible, or are a mix of… Continue reading Top 5 Favourite War Films

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Picking Favourites

Hey guys! I know I can be incredibly indecisive when it comes to choosing certain things. Like if someone asks me to choose between two things that I either like or dislike equally, I won't be able to choose. Often, I just won't choose something if the question is to choose my favourite film, for… Continue reading Picking Favourites