Sometimes, Stress is a Good Thing.

Hey guys! I am one who can get stressed very easily and very quickly, especially when it comes to workloads and upcoming deadlines. At A-level I was a complete mess when it came to my stress levels, (imagine stress levels going through the roof, but not just stopping at the roof- then making a one… Continue reading Sometimes, Stress is a Good Thing.

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Lacking Motivation

Hey guys! I know I've written a lot of motivation inspired posts in the past, and how to get motivated for certain things but recently I've been struggling to keep motivating myself to write things for my blog. I've been through periods like this before, so there's a part of me which knows that eventually,… Continue reading Lacking Motivation

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Revision Tips for English Literature

Hey guys! So it's that time of year again where most of us who are in some form of education will be revising and reading for exams and assignments in the coming weeks. As an English literature student at university, I for one am no newbie to revising for English exams, and I know how… Continue reading Revision Tips for English Literature


Halfway Through Uni

Hey guys! I don't know about you guys, but for me, term finishes this Friday, and as of this point, I am officially halfway through my BA degree...That's scary. I mean, there are times when I still feel like a fresher, and I don't know what I'm meant to be doing. Being a student is… Continue reading Halfway Through Uni


(Slightly) Less Stressed

Hey guys! I'm back! (Kind of). I say kind of, because I came back from my lecture at about 2:30pm, and I logged onto WordPress, and I just thought "I have nothing to say". That's what I worry about when I'm away from my blog for too long, because I get out of the routine… Continue reading (Slightly) Less Stressed


What Are Your Dreams?

Hey guys! I've just had my first lecture and it was alright... we didn't really do too much because, you know... it was our first lecture, and it was at 9am... but it was okay. Yesterday, myself and one of my new found friends went out and about in Winchester, and met a second year… Continue reading What Are Your Dreams?


The Most Stressful Time of the Year

Hey guys! As you'll know from my recent blog posts about my A-levels, results, and getting into university, I have been through quite a lot in the last 5 days and even though I am now pretty much sorted, I'm still left wondering whether I've made the right decision or not. I've received an offer… Continue reading The Most Stressful Time of the Year


And Then There was Hope

Hey guys! I've finally started making some proper progress on the University situation. My insurance choice, University A, rejected me. I must be getting better at taking bad news because I didn't cry today. I decided last night that I didn't really like the sound of the are that University B was in, so I… Continue reading And Then There was Hope