More Brexit Talk

Hey guys! So unless you've been living under a rock since June, you'll have heard all about this whole "Brexit" thing, and all the arguments going on between "remainers" and "leavers" and how "remainers need to stop complaining because they lost" and all that jazz... Honestly, as frustrated as I still am about having "left"… Continue reading More Brexit Talk


Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Hey guys! Jamie's Sugar Rush was on the other night. Who watched it? I did! And I have to say that it definitely made me think twice about what I actually eat. I consider myself to be healthy, because I do loads of exercise throughout the week, and until I watched Jamie's Sugar Rush, I… Continue reading Jamie’s Sugar Rush


Very British Problems

Hey guys! I think we all have those moments in life that really suck, but when you think about it in a bit more detail, these moments really aren't as bad as we think they are. I've decided to write a list of the top three things that, as a Brit, I personally find the most annoying.… Continue reading Very British Problems


Flashback Friday #7

The one when I went to Wimbledon Hey guys! As Wimbledon has been on, I thought it was only fitting to write about the time when I went to Wimbledon. My mum used to play tennis with a club, and she managed to win tickets 4 times so she was able to take each member of the… Continue reading Flashback Friday #7