Classics I Need to Read

Hey guys! I am a big book nerd, as I'm sure many of you know, and along with studying English literature at university, that means I've read a lot of books. I have to say, classics are probably the books I've read the least, just because they aren't always my first choice unless I have… Continue reading Classics I Need to Read


Getting Through Reading Lists

Hey guys! For any newbies, who haven't yet read my About page, I am halfway through studying an English Literature degree, and obviously a lot of reading is involved with this. Before I came to university, specifically the summer of 2015, I read a lot. The books I read were mostly things on my TBR… Continue reading Getting Through Reading Lists


Summer Reading

Hey guys! As I'm sure you'll know, the summer holidays are the best time for getting good, solid reading done. Or so it should be. Usually, over summer, I will be constantly reading new and exciting books, but this year hasn't exactly gone so well... You might remember that I wrote a Summer TBR List… Continue reading Summer Reading

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Review on… The Cursed Child

Hey guys! As you should all know (unless you've been living under a rock), on July 31st the eighth story in the Harry Potter series, The Cursed Child was released in book form. It is already on stage at the West End, as has been since the end of June. I went into town on the 31st… Continue reading Review on… The Cursed Child


Desert Island Book Tag

Hey guys! I have been nominated by Victoria for the Desert Island Book Tag! There aren't any rules, apart from answering the questions, and nominating other bloggers (but that's kinda obvious!) So let's get started. 1- Water: A Book You Can't Live Without This is a hard one... I might steal Victoria's answer and say Harry Potter,… Continue reading Desert Island Book Tag