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Moving On

Hey guys! Those of you who have been in relationships will know exactly where this post is going. But I'll say now, this post hasn't been planned. I'm writing with just my current thoughts on where I'm at right now. Moving on is the hardest thing I ever thought I'd have to do. It's been… Continue reading Moving On


The Thing About Make-Up

Hey guys! Here's another slightly ranty post, but I think it has to be said. You may have read loads of people's opinions about make-up, and whether people are prettier with or without it, but I just wanted to write about my opinion and my experiences on the whole thing. Firstly, I don't really see… Continue reading The Thing About Make-Up


The Most Stressful Time of the Year

Hey guys! As you'll know from my recent blog posts about my A-levels, results, and getting into university, I have been through quite a lot in the last 5 days and even though I am now pretty much sorted, I'm still left wondering whether I've made the right decision or not. I've received an offer… Continue reading The Most Stressful Time of the Year


And Then There was Hope

Hey guys! I've finally started making some proper progress on the University situation. My insurance choice, University A, rejected me. I must be getting better at taking bad news because I didn't cry today. I decided last night that I didn't really like the sound of the are that University B was in, so I… Continue reading And Then There was Hope



Hey guys! I had my results on Thursday, and they were okay. They weren't quite what I wanted and I haven't gotten into my first choice of university, but I've passed. I should be happy but I'm not. I got a C in English, which I'm really unhappy about because that's the subject I want… Continue reading WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

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When Things Get Complicated.

Hey guys! I wasn't really planning on writing a post today, because my first exam is next week and I have two essays due in first thing tomorrow morning, but I felt like I needed to get this off my chest, and seeing as my blog is the place where I make sense of things,… Continue reading When Things Get Complicated.

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Let’s Talk about Mental Health

Hey guys! The other day I re-blogged a post from Whim's blog, about understanding Mental Health. I personally don't suffer from any anxieties, or depression or anything like that, but I do sometimes panic about small things. Sometimes I can get over them really quickly, and other times I need to just stop and try to calm… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Mental Health

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It’s Time We ALL Understood Mental Illness

Hey guys!
I recommend you all to read this post originally posted on Whim’s blog, as it is about beating the stigma behind mental illness. I will be writing my own post about it in the near future, but just so you get an idea about why I’m doing it, then go and read the full thing!

-The Storyteller

Words On A Whim

So I have a CRAZY Birthday idea that I would like you all to help me with…read on, please let me know what you think! It’s my birthday in 4 weeks. My 20th to be precise. Meaning I’ll no longer be a teenager, and I’ll be spending the rest of my days wishing I was one! One year of my teen life, (precisely the whole year I’ve been blogging) has been tarnished by my development of anxiety and panic disorder, one whole year of my teen life. That means, 365 days of my life has been spent being anxious, and slightly less than that has been spent having panic attacks. That is a long time, which is why I want to start something special.

It’s my birthday on the 12th of May this year, and I’ll never be able to rewind the last year of my teens or the time…

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