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Monthly Discoveries: June

Hey guys! This month's "discovery" isn't really a discovery, it's really just a new music video for a song I really like. Those of you who are really into Youtube will know the musician Bry and his song "Disarm" now has a new video! So I thought that would be a good thing to use… Continue reading Monthly Discoveries: June


Kings of Leon – WALLS

Hey guys! This isn't really a "post" post, but the Kings of Leon have recently released a new single called "Walls", and I just wanted to leave it here for you guys to listen to. It's so beautiful and sad and calm, and everything... I've only just discovered this particular song and I love it… Continue reading Kings of Leon – WALLS

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Let’s Talk About Hamilton

Hey guys! In yesterday's update post I mentioned that I'd been listening to the music from the Hamilton musical, which is currently being shown on stages in America, but I am still optimistic that it'll come to the UK soon! Anyway, the point of this post is about the show itself. It's a historic, kind of biographical musical about… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hamilton


What Do You Mean?

Hey guys! I was going to call this post "What Do You Mean You Like Justin Bieber", but a) I thought that would be too long, and b) it's not 100% true. But I did want there to be a pun so hence why I just explained that to you. Anyway, I've said before, a… Continue reading What Do You Mean?


“Black Cadillac” by Shinedown

Hey guys! You know that band I'm absolutely obsessed with? Yeah? You know... that one? What do you mean you don't know?! Okay. Well my favourite band is Shinedown, for those of you who didn't already know, and they're releasing their new album, "Threat To Survival" on September 18th. They've already released one single off… Continue reading “Black Cadillac” by Shinedown

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“Cut The Cord” by Shinedown

Hey guys! So my favourite band, Shinedown, released their new single and music video last week, so I thought I'd do a quick review-like-thing on it. I became a fan of Shinedown around the time when their previous album came out, called "Amaryllis". For me, this will always be one of my favourite albums by… Continue reading “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown

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Review on… Eurovision 2015

Hey guys! Its currently the musical interlude of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which in my opinion has been the highlight of the entire evening. Overall, I think the standards of this year's Eurovision haven't been as good as previous years, but I'm going to go through some of my favourite and least favourite acts.… Continue reading Review on… Eurovision 2015

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Review on… Talk About You by Mika

Hey guys! Do any of you remember Mika? The guy who sang "Grace Kelly", "Happy Ending", and "Lollipop"? Well, he is in fact one of my favourite singers and has released a new song, called "Talk About You". Now, before I go on to talk about Mika (see what I did there? eh?) I want… Continue reading Review on… Talk About You by Mika