46 More Days

Hey guys!

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past week or so, as you might imagine, university is pretty stressful right now… except I’m not hugely stressed. There’s just a lot on all of a sudden, and I’ve come to the realization that I have 46 more days until my dissertation is due.

That is crazy. I can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone, but once my dissertation is handed in, that’s not the end of it! I have one essay due in before my dissertation, and then about five more things due in after (including essay drafts) so I’m going to be very busy over the next couple of months!

Considering I have 105 days until the end of university OVERALL (whaaaat?!) I’m trying not to have a quarter-life-crisis right now. I’m in the process of updating my CV, because, you know… gotta look for some full time employment after university! My time in America is going to be fun, I’m sure, but I will need to find a proper job that will help me pay my rent and bills next year.

Sorry about the lack of clarity in this post, I’m aware it’s a bit all over the place but I just needed to write something that’s not academic. So here you go.

Next time, there will be a proper post, I promise!

-The Storyteller


8 thoughts on “46 More Days”

  1. It must feel so strange, knowing that something which has practically BEEN your life for the last three years is almost over, and that come the summer, it will have disappeared all together. I realise that they’re not directly comparable, but I’m beginning to feel similarly myself, as I approach my GCSEs, and hence the end of Year 11. It feels like the end of an era, fueled by the knowledge that I will most likely be moving schools — and living alone — for college in September. It’s odd, because GCSEs have been the ultimate goal since Year 9 — maybe even Year 7 —, as I’m sure the handing in of your dissertation has been for you. Now that the end goal is very much in the present, it feels like the aspirational and the present are clashing, and I’m unable to look ahead and see what comes next.
    Sending hugs XX

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