The Logan Paul Thing

Hey guys!

I was going to title this post “The Logan Paul Comeback” but I really don’t want to call it that, because his latest video isn’t really a “comeback”… I just don’t feel like that suits it.

For those of you who are unaware, Logan Paul, a famous Youtube personality, went to Japan in December/January and filmed a dead body in a forest known for its high rates of suicide. Obviously, this video got a lot of backlash, and was taken down- I didn’t know of Logan Paul before this incident, and I really didn’t feel like it was worth mentioning anything about him on this blog or on my Youtube channel.

However, his latest video, which is about him learning about suicide from survivors, to those who work to support people considering suicide was actually somewhat… heartfelt? That’s not really the word I want to use to describe it.

I don’t really want to give Logan the time of day- I actually found out about his new video through someone else’s review, and then wanted to see it for myself. I think that it’s a good thing that he is learning about suicide, especially after his childish actions only three weeks ago. Though I can see that his video has good intentions, there is also so much that still revolves around Logan Paul, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes back to the old Logan Paul within a few weeks.

I don’t really know an awful lot about the guy, so I can’t really judge. The fact that he is donating one million dollars to suicide prevention charities is incredible, and it’s great to see that he is using his platform to do something to help others. He is famous for filming his every day life, so it’s a refreshing change to see him being a bit selfless. But in saying that, the video as a whole still has an uncomfortable feel that he’s just doing it for the views, and like I said, it wouldn’t surprise me if in a few weeks he’s back to his old self.

It’s one of those things where we’ll just have to see what happens. As we all know, I’m an eternal optimist and I like to see the good in people and things, so I sincerely hope that Logan Paul has actually learnt his lesson and will become a changed man (for the better).

-The Storyteller


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