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October Update!

Hey guys!

I remember I used to do a monthly update thing a while ago on this blog, and thought that it could be nice to do something like that again since I’m so busy, and I don’t want to get out of the habit of blogging. So in case I don’t have the chance to do weekly posts I thought it would be nice to have some monthly updates here and there to let you know how I’m getting on with third year stresses!

So I have my first “assignment” due in next week. It’s nothing too difficult, we just have to choose a text outside of our module which we think could link to the themes of the module, and later on this semester we will do a poster presentation about that text, and then in December we need to give in an essay about that text and a text we’ve studied on the module. It took me ages to finally get my head around this assignment but I think I’ve finally got it, and the text I’ve chosen is the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, because it’s one of my favourite books, and I already studied it a bit at A level, so when I go home this weekend I’m going to try and find my old notes. (I knew I kept them for a reason!)

One of my other assignments is an essay plan and bibliography, and for this assignment I decided to choose two films to write about, which are Hidden Figures and The Help. I also kind of chose this essay question because it means I have a bit less reading to do, and watching films is always fun, plus I haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet so this is a good chance to watch a film I’ve always wanted to see and hopefully write a good essay on!

Those are the two assignment things I need to focus on this month, apart from constantly stressing out about my dissertation and how little reading I think I’ve done! (I’m nearly halfway through The Woman in White now though, so that’s making me feel a bit better and my goal is to try and finish it by the end of week six- we’re halfway through week three now!) I haven’t started writing anything for my dissertation yet, because I’m still not really sure where to take it exactly, but I think once I’ve finished The Woman in White I’ll hopefully have some more to think about and write about- and my supervisor suggested me reading another book for my dissertation, so that means I have two more books on top of everything else I need to try and get read. I’m thinking of really starting planning my dissertation around week six, so then that will give me from then until new year to try and get a draft done, which should be enough time, right?

The main exciting thing about October is that myself and my friend are going to see Gabrielle Aplin live in London! I always kind of knew her and liked her music but it’s only really been with her latest EP that I’ve become a bit of a fan. I love her voice and her lyrics and she plays the piano and I’m a pianist so to me, anyone who plays the piano is super cool! I think this will be a really nice way to get away from the stress of university for an evening, and it’s also been ages since the last show I went to anyway!

Then, later on in October, my friends from university are putting on a show which is to raise money for their Edinburgh Fringe Fund- their sketch show is called The Broken Biscuit, which is a follow up of The Biscuit Barrel (I believe) which is a show they put on in February, which I unfortunately couldn’t go to. So, at the end of October, they are putting on another show and I am so excited to go to it and support them, as I’ve heard amazing things from their show in February!

And that’s about it for this month. October is going to be pretty full on, but I with these two things to look forward to, I think it’ll be a good month, as long as I really knuckle down and get some work done!

-The Storyteller


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