Thoughts On Third Year

Hey guys!

Today is the day when lectures officially start and I become a third year. The 25th September 2017 is the start of my final year as an undergraduate student, and in all honesty, that terrifies me. Like, where has the time gone? Each year goes by so quickly when you’re a student and I have no doubt that third year will absolutely fly by.

Firstly, looking back on everything I’ve been through and my journey to where I am now, I am actually so proud of where I am. If you’ve been following my blog since my A-levels, you’ll know the difficulties I faced with my results and getting into accommodation and all of that fun stuff, but now I’m really happy and I’ve passed both first AND second year with 2:1’s- which, fingers crossed, will be a good sign for third year!

All of my lectures are from 3-6pm, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday which, at first, I wasn’t happy with because I like to get my work out the way- but thinking about it now, I’m actually really glad it’s like that because I’ve done barely any reading for any of my modules so this gives me the time to do my reading and research before I even need to be on campus.

My dissertation supervisor has also suggested having weekly meetings with all of his “supervisees” so we can discuss things as a group which I am so grateful for because it’s just the type of thing that I know I’ll need this year. (So I hope it’s going to continue as a weekly thing, and that people won’t stop going!)

Right now I’m not too stressed out about third year, even though I haven’t done as much work as I probably should have done. But I know if I put my head down then I’ll be able to make it through the year. I remember in first year, I wasn’t sure if my essay writing ability was what my lecturers wanted and I remember being confused about each lecturer telling me to write in a different way, but eventually I learned how to get around that and write in a consistent way that would make everyone happy.

And I do think I’m still learning this skill, as I’m heading into third year. Obviously, with a dissertation, it’s going to be slightly different to how I’ve written in the past, but in the last six months alone I’ve really learnt the importance of writing a lot about a little, which is something every English student will have heard at least once.

I think one of the daunting things about going into third year is the idea that you have to know everything and be able to answer all the questions- but even though my lectures haven’t started yet, I already know that I don’t have to be an expert at this stage so I really need to stop worrying so much. Your university experience is about learning more about your subject and about yourself, right up until your graduation day so there’s no point stressing over the smallest things.

This wasn’t really a planned post- I thought it would be a good idea to write my thoughts about starting my final year at university, but I haven’t planned my thoughts out in any particular order and I don’t know if that comes across. It doesn’t bother me either way.

I think what scares me the most is the fact that I’ll be finishing university in less than a year, my graduation will be around this time next year, and then I’ll be a part of the big wide world trying to find my path in life. I do already have some things planned for when I leave university- I want to do Camp America this summer, and I’m interested in doing a TEFL Course, potentially in Barcelona (if not there, then definitely somewhere else in Spain or France). I don’t have a set job organised for when I leave so right now I want to try some things out first and get some experience of working and travelling while I can.

So that’s all I really have to say on that. I think I’ve written out all of my thoughts on third year, so I’ll leave it at that.

-The Stoyteller


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Third Year”

  1. Good luck! Third year can seem really daunting but actually it’ll probably be your best/favourite year 🙂 It really does go quickly!

    I too have done so much better at uni than I did at A-level! I think some people just work that way! 🙂

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