Moving to University

Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d write about some of my top tips when moving to university- whether it’s your first time moving away from home or you’re moving into a student house, there are always things we end up doing or forgetting or not knowing what to do with, so I thought I’d write a list of things which I would recommend for those of you who are feeling a bit unsure of what to do or where to start!

1: Bring the necessary stuff

This sounds stupidly obvious, but trust me. You DON’T need to bring your entire wardrobe, because you will have time to come home during the year, and of course you will probably end up going shopping with your friends several times anyway, so when it comes to moving out again you won’t have enough stuff in your suitcase. Obviously bring what you can but if you really don’t think you’ll have a reason to wear that formal dress you have never worn, then don’t bring it.

The same applies for kitchen stuff. There won’t be loads of space in your kitchen because you’re more than likely to be sharing with other people. So if you really need to bring your waffle maker, then bring it- assuming you’re actually going to use it. Also, you don’t need to bring that spare toaster or kettle with you- you’ll find one of the following is likely to happen:

  1. Someone else (or a few others) has already bought one with them
  2. Someone from the previous year has left one behind
  3. There isn’t a toaster or kettle and as a flat you can buy one together

At the end of the day it just saves clutter!

2: You don’t have to get to know your flatmates straight away

Although this is highly encouraged (for obvious reasons- you’re living with them for a whole year), if you’re particularly nervous about being away from home there is no harm in shutting your door to make your room feel as homely as possible. Moving and packing and unpacking is stressful and it’s nice to try and get it all done in one go but do bare in mind that if you haven’t followed step 1 and have far too much stuff, it might take a couple of days!

You don’t have to start talking to your flatmates the second you or they walk through the door; you can even do a brief hello and continue to unpack- you don’t have to tell them your life story! Do whatever you think will make you feel more comfortable, and if not talking to your flatmates immediately is one of them, there is no one forcing you to do that. (Obviously if you do want to get to know them ASAP then you can completely ignore this step!)

3: If your parents offer to take you food shopping, TAKE IT!

This will probably be the last time your parents buy you food for a good three months, so make the most of this opportunity. It’s also good because it’ll get you thinking about the types of things you will need to buy, how much things are, and what kind of budget you’re looking at- you can also talk to them about this while you’re shopping. It also means they know that your meals are healthy and will have a little less to worry about for the first few days of you living on your own!

Your local supermarket may be in the town centre so this is also a good time to get to know what it looks like, if you haven’t already seen it before, and you can get to know the route to take into town for future reference.

4: Bring some home comforts with you

It’s not weird to bring your favourite teddy with you to university- I didn’t do this, but I kind of regretted it for most of my first year, especially when I found out that most people I knew had bought there’s with them and it wasn’t weird at all. I was going to say you should do this if you know you’re going to get homesick, but I didn’t think I would be homesick for the first few nights and I was, so I think anyone should take this point with them. Adapting is hard, so use any means to help you get into the swing of things, and make you feel as comfortable as possible in your new environment. Whether that’s having a teddy, a picture wall (which is very common), or keeping little mementos from people at home, there is absolutely no shame in having these things proudly sitting in your room for all your new friends to see.

5: Free food is the way to a student’s heart- bring snacks with you

If anything, make sure you stock up on snacks. You may have already heard that people make cakes and use them as a way to make friends with people in their halls because it’s a good conversation starter- “Hey I’ve got cake, I live across the hall, let’s be friends!” No one will care if you made the cake yourself or you bought it from Sainsbury’s, cake is cake and they will take it either way.

Now, food is a very important thing to students, so if you do have a stash of chocolate or crisps or cake (or alcohol) that you don’t want people stealing- DON’T LEAVE IT IN THE KITCHEN. It won’t be there for long, so keep it in your room- whether that’s in a box under your desk, bed or at the back of your cupboard, make sure it’s safe and guard it with your life. You never know what cravings your drunk flat mates will have after a night out, and they could end up eating all your Rice Krispie Bars.

So those are my tips for the big moving day, and I hope you found it useful! If you did, make sure to give this post a like and comment any tips or experiences you’ve had from moving to university!

-The Storyteller


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