Thinking About the Future

Hey guys!

I think it’s only started to hit me now that I’ve finished two whole years at university, and I am about to embark on my third and final year as an undergraduate. I’ve said before, since being at university I’ve not really been sure what I want to do afterwards, but I feel like I’ve been proactive about it, rather than sitting around waiting for the opportunities to come to me.

I’ve been considering doing a TEFL course if I haven’t decided on a Master’s degree, because then I will get the opportunity to work and travel at the same time, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Right now, I’d like to teach in France, as I already have some experience with French, but it’s been a lifelong goal of mine to become fluent in the language. If I do the TEFL course, which I hope I do, I’d want to try and live in France (or whichever country it ends up being) for a whole year, because then I’d really get to grips with the language, as well as getting some good experience of working abroad.

I decided giving myself a year would be a good target, because if I find that teaching isn’t for me, then I might consider going in to do a Masters in something like Journalism, because my other love is writing. I’ve said before, I don’t know if I could be an author, but there’s something about writing non fiction that really interests me. I’ve found with this blog that I like keeping people updated, and that’s really what journalism is about. I’ve already looked at a few universities that do Masters courses in journalism and some of them really do look amazing.

The final thing I’ve been thinking about it potentially getting an internship at a publishing company. Publishing is the other thing that I think I’d like to try, because I’ve always been a lover of books, but to be really honest, I don’t know fully what it entails, and what I would do, or what area of publishing I would want to go into. So that’s why, at the moment, I think an internship would be a good idea, because I could dip my toes into the world of publishing, rather than just diving into the deep end to find it’s not for me.

So those are really my thoughts about where I’m going to go over the next few years. Obviously I will take you guys with me, because that’s really what this blog has become. It’s not only my creative outlet, but it’s almost like my journal too, and I think it would be weird not to update strangers on the internet about my life.

-The Storyteller


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