How To Survive a Heatwave

Hey guys!

Currently, the UK is undergoing a heatwave and no, it is not great. It actually sucks, especially when you’re someone like me who suffers with hayfever and this year has been the absolute worst in my entire life.

As much as I like sunny days, it’s not so fun when the humidity is ridiculously high, so the half hour walk to campus which is normally pretty chill, is actually like taking a stroll through hell. The walk to campus is mostly down hill, so that’s okay. But when you’re walking back home and there’s a massive hill… nuh uh. Nah. Not in this heat.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that it’s not even cool inside anymore. I’m sitting in my room, with my window open, and I’m literally baking in here. There is no where that is cool enough. I’ve been thinking about going for a swim at the leisure centre, but when I go for a swim I go for a workout pretty much, so I’ll get really hot from that, and I can’t imagine being a lifeguard on poolside in this heat. Good luck to any lifeguards out there who have been working this week.

There’s also the fact that I burn super easily. I could be out in the sun for half an hour and get sunburnt if I forget to put on sun cream, and it’s really annoying because whenever I put it on I just feel sticky and gross but then I don’t want to go completely red either so there’s really no winning. AND I tend to get quite hot really quickly anyway, so there’s no point in me wearing make up because it will all just sweat off anyway. Oh, and not to mention the amount of times I’ve had to blow my nose because of hay fever…

So, if you want to survive this heat wave, take my advice: don’t go outside. Or just sit in the car with the air con on full blast.

-The Storyteller


1 thought on “How To Survive a Heatwave”

  1. Because I’mm living in a tropical country (and global warming), it’s always a heatwave, whether it’s summer or not, the sun will always burn you. And yup, the only advice that’s actually helpful is to. not. go. outside!

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