Let’s Talk Politics: The General Election

Hey guys!

The general election is this Thursday, which is under 48 hours now, and there are parts of me which still feel unsure about who to vote for. I know for a fact that I WILL vote, but I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m kind of getting sick of this whole voting thing. Bare with me while I explain.

Normally, a general election is every five years, and that gives voters and parties enough time to get things together. But Theresa May called a snap election, only giving the parties and the voters a few weeks to sort things out and it’s all been very rushed. The other reason I say I’m getting sick of all the voting that’s been going on recently, is because we had the EU Referendum last year, the year before that was a general election, and the year before that was the Scottish Independence referendum… so yeah. There’s been a lot going on politically over the past few years.

In a way it’s good, because I definitely feel more politically aware than I was the first time I voted (which was the last general election, I believe) though I’m only twenty and I know a lot of older voters might tell me to get used to it or something, I know I’m still young but in the past few years I’ve realised how important my voice is. The EU Referendum had a 48:52 outcome, and it turned out that there were very few voters aged 18-25 compared to those who are over 60.

That alone was so significant to me, because I know that if you don’t vote, you won’t get what you want. Even if the outcome isn’t what you want, MP’s aren’t going to know what you want unless you tell them. So this has been quite good for someone like me (who is known for being incredibly indecisive) because I’m starting to see that some politicians are actively seeking out younger voters and asking what we want, because otherwise they won’t know how to make our lives better.

I could tell you who I’m going to vote for in the hopes that it will influence you to do the same, but I don’t think preaching about your favourite party is always going to work. It gets annoying, and to be quite frank, I don’t like it when people do it to me. But I will say this: Whether you like the current government or not, the only way to get your voice heard is by voting. Don’t know who to vote for? Do some research. All the parties have their manifestos online to read, and as the General Election is only a couple of days away, you’re running out of time.

Oh, and one last thing: A lot of people in the EU referendum wasted their vote because they didn’t know what was going on, and later regretted it. If that happened to you, please don’t make the same mistake. Do what’s best for you- don’t let other people tell you to stop being selfish, because voting is all about being selfish. We’re always told to vote for who we think is the best and who will do the best for us so… what are you waiting for?

-The Storyteller


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