Keeping Organised as a Student

Hey guys!

My second year of uni has finally come to an end, so now I have plenty of time to write blog posts without feeling guilty for not revising or writing essays! Today I thought it would be a good chance for me to show how I keep myself as organised as possible, especially now that I will be going into my third and final year of university, and so I thought sharing my ways of keeping organised might be useful for any other students who need some top tips!



Personally, I prefer writing everything down on my calendar, because I like to see everything in one place rather than flicking through loads of pages to find a particular day. However, I do also have a diary and use the diary on my phone, especially when I start to get really busy, because it means I have all the important dates nearby. Since I always have my phone on me, it is useful to use the calendar on my phone if I quickly need to write something down, and it also comes up as a reminder on the day. However having a physical calendar above my bed in my room means I can check what things I am up to for that month so I don’t forget anything!


I use one folder per year, which may not be enough for some people and their courses, but I have found this works for me. At A-level, I had one folder per subject, but I don’t need so many now I’m at uni. I use folders for any hand outs and print outs, essays which I have got back from being marked, and feedback from those essays. I also make sure to get dividers for my folders, so that it is clear where each module starts and ends. I also use those little colourful stickers that you can get at WHSmith or any other stationary shop, and stick them at the top of each module so that I can find them easily if I quickly need to find something.

Multiple Notebooks

This is an obvious one, but being an English literature student, I need more than one notebook. I love the ones that come with dividers already in them (again you can get them from places like WHSmith) and I tend to use one per semester. The ones I use come with five dividers/sections, so as I have four modules per semester it works out really well, and I use the fifth section as a revision/essay planning section, so everything is in one place.

As I am going into my third year, I need to start planning my dissertation (yay) so I have a notebook specifically for ideas, books I need to read/buy, notes from meetings with my dissertation supervisor and all that fun stuff, because I know that if I don’t write it down I will forget something important. I am also thinking of getting a folder just for my dissertation next year, so that I don’t have to worry about losing anything, and it’s also an excuse for me to do more stationary shopping!

I also do a lot of activities outside of my course, and one of them is a society called Let’s Act, which I will be co-leading next year. I am using a notebook for all of the ideas I have for the society, and will use it to plan out sessions over the summer and nearer the time, as well as writing down any important notes which I don’t want to forget.

So those are my top three ways of keeping organised at university! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if it was useful, please let me know in the comments! I’d also love to know how you guys keep organised for either school, university or just everyday life!

-The Storyteller


16 thoughts on “Keeping Organised as a Student”

  1. I feel like I spend most of my time filing stuff away and organising folders πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it is really important to staying organised. I have quite an odd folder system but it seems to work for me – I have 2 normal sized ring binders for each of my subjects where I keep my notes and worksheets etc in from throughout the year as we have two main units per subject. Then I have smaller lightweight ring binders for each subject that just have the notes from the unit we’re currently doing so I don’t have to lug everything around, then I have a lever arch files which I’m going to condense the normal sized ring binders in to at the end of the year πŸ˜‚ it’s pretty odd but ah well. I also find notebooks v useful, and I should probably make better use of a diary or calendar to plan stuff as at the moment I just make loads of lists on random bits of paper that tend to get lost πŸ˜‚

    1. I literally rely on my calendar! I just feel like if I write something down anywhere else I’ll forget about it but with my calendar it’s right there anyway so it’s hard to miss! It definitely sounds like you have a good system though! As long as it works for you πŸ™‚

      1. I’m terrible when it comes to diaries (I had one for the whole of last year and only really used it for the first couple of months then forgot about it)

  2. Loved this post!πŸ˜„ Just wondering, do you have any tips on how to organise folders? I’m only in year 9 (I’m so young yet I always feel older on my blogπŸ˜‚) and we’ve started to work using folders instead of normal school books for English literature, and I have no clue how to organise them effectively! Any help would be awesome😊 I’m probably going to get a wall calender for when year 10 rolls around, because the next two years of school is when I’m going to have to organise myself more! And I can’t wait for back to school shopping, SO MUCH CUTE STATIONERYπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. It really depends on how you work best, but when I was at school I had different folders for my subjects because then I could keep everything in one place and it was easier than having one folder for everything. I also use dividers because that just makes life so much easier, and plus it adds some more colour to it as well πŸ˜‰

      1. If you use dividers for English lit, you could always divide them into the texts you’re studying? So then everything you need for each text is in the same place?

  3. This is really useful because I’m starting uni in September and it’s good to know what kind of stuff I need to buy in advance! Also, I have the same calendar as you but for cats πŸ™‚

  4. This was such a helpful post! I have just finished my first year in uni, so these tips will be very helpful, especially now that everything actually counts!! Thank you for this blog post!! -A x

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