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Review on… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Hey guys!

I went to watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy last night, and I don’t think I was prepared for how good it was actually going to be. I’m sure we all know how infamous sequels tend to be in terms of living up to the original, but Guardians Vol. 2 definitely lived up to the first movie.

A lot of my friends had already seen it (in most cases, they’d seen it three times before I’d even been able to see it once) and so I was worried that I would just choose not to watch it because everyone was talking about it and that it would be overrated… which is also the reason I still haven’t seen La La Land yet…

The first Guardians movie, when I saw it in the cinema, wasn’t my favourite Marvel film at the time but I enjoyed it all the same- I would happily watch it again on movie nights with friends, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice to watch. That being said, I was a bit unsure if the Guardians Vol. 2 trailer was giving too much away- we know that Peter’s dad makes an appearance, and when I saw this in the trailer, I thought it was giving too much away. I mean, surely this would be a big part of the sequel?

But I was surprised to find out that there was so much more to Peter’s dad than we originally thought. And that goes for the other characters too. The reason I loved Guardians Vol. 2 so much was because we learn so much more about the characters we already met in the first film. I also loved the fact that I was often taken by surprise throughout the film- and for me, that’s a sign of a good film. Usually, if I guess who dies, or who’s actually the bad guy, I’ll be a bit disappointed because I’d have already guessed it before the “big reveal”- but in Guardians Vol. 2, my first guesses weren’t actually accurate.

The one thing I would say about the film, and this may just be me being picky, is that I felt like the Gold People (I’m sorry, I can’t actually remember their names) were a bit overused. I understand why they were there at the beginning of the film, but when they kept appearing again and again, part of me felt like they were just making it a bit too complicated, and in the final battle scene, they could have taken it a slightly different way.

This was by no means a massive fault in the film- I’m not saying that it made the film worse, but it was something that just came to mind after watching it. In saying that, I loved that the Gold People, when chasing after the Guardians in their pods, were treating it like they were playing games in an arcade. Obviously this is a science fiction film so we expect great, action packed space battles, but I liked the sense of humour that they had in the film. This was also something that they did well- the humour wasn’t over done, and it didn’t feel like the writers added in jokes just for the sake of making a scene funny.

Overall, I would definitely watch this film again. It’s definitely one of my favourite Marvel sequels that I’ve seen in a while, and I would 10/10 recommend to anyone who loves Marvel, or Guardians. 

-The Storyteller


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