Register to Vote… AND ACTUALLY VOTE!

Hey guys!

This will come as no surprise to many of you now that Theresa May has called of a snap General Election on June 8th. It’s kind of old news because it’s all everyone’s been talking about for the past few weeks. And among these conversations are people telling other people to register to vote and make sure their votes count.

You’ll probably remember how vocal I was about the EU referendum last summer, and I absolutely hate it when people complain about the outcome but they didn’t even use their vote. One vote can make a difference, so don’t be lazy- get your arse down to your local polling station and vote! There is still time to register and it literally takes 2 minutes so you’re not going to be wasting anyone’s time by doing so. I’ll even make it easier for you- if you’re 18 or over, click this link so you can get yourself sorted!

If you don’t like how the current government is being run, or you think there is another party you could do the job so much better, then vote for them, because otherwise your voice won’t get heard. So many people fought for the right to vote (it wasn’t only the suffragettes- working class men did too!) so this is by no means a feminist thing. Everyone should vote, no matter who you are.

I know there were a lot of young people who were too young to vote in the EU referendum, but they showed a lot of interest in the politics, and I thought that was amazing to see so many young people wanting to get involved. Yet the 18-24 year old age group had the least people turning up to vote. So if you don’t want a repeat of what happened last year, then there’s only one thing to do. You have until May 22nd to register, so don’t waste anymore time. You know where the link is!

-The Storyteller


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