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Review on… Beauty and the Beast

Hey guys!

I went to watch the new Beauty and the Beast film last week, and can I just say it is just an amazing film and the soundtrack is amazing and Dan Stevens is beautiful and I really want to watch it again.

We all know the story of Belle, a young girl in a small provincial town in France, and she gets captured by the Beast in saving her eccentric father. Disney’s remake of the 1991 classic doesn’t differ too far away from the original story, but they’ve added a lot more to it so that this live action version isn’t just the same retelling. I think it really works as a live action film, because it creates more drama, and in the technological age that we’re now in, making the household items come to life is done so incredibly well.

I loved all the characters, and each actor (whether it was a voice actor or not) was chosen superbly for the part. Emma Watson was fantastic as Belle, and I definitely think she was the only person who could have been chosen for the character, because Belle and Watson definitely share the same values. Also, I think that Watson has done really well to come away from the Harry Potter era, as I no longer only relate to her as the girl who played Hermione Granger. She’s absolutely one of my favourite people and she is so good in Beauty and the Beast.

Now, I am a big Downton Abbey fan, so when I heard Dan Stevens was going to be playing the beast, I fangirled pretty hard. I haven’t really seen much of Stevens since he left the show, apart from one other film, and my God I’m happy they chose him to play Beast! He does it so well and he has his own song and the bit when he becomes human again…. I died a little bit. Dan Stevens with long hair is just… you know? I can’t. I was sitting through the scene when he becomes human again, getting really impatient to see his face and then they did and I was like yaaaas!

This has gone from a review to me fangirling over Dan Stevens. #sorrynotsorry

But going back to the film itself, I loved that they added in some new songs and even some new parts to the story. For example, we find out about how Belle’s mother dies, and I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen the original in a while or if it’s because I love Dan Stevens, but I definitely felt more sympathy towards Beast in this version a lot earlier on than in the original.

Of course there are still the same songs and characters that we all know and love- Gaston is just as wonderfully terrible as he is in the original movie, and Luke Evans plays the part so well. The only thing I want to know is why the enchantress doesn’t turn him into a beast too?

Le Fou was amazing, and Josh Gadd played the part so well; as did the actors of all the household items including Ewan McGreggor as Lumiere, and Ian McKellan as Coggsworth. One of the most important parts of both films is their friendship and the way they bounce off each other as well as contrast each other, and this film continued this relationship so so well.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I freaking loved Beauty and the Beast, and if you haven’t already seen it, you have to. Like, you have to see it. It’s amazing.

-The Storyteller


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