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Swimathon 2017

Hey guys!

This post is really a bit of an update because, as you’ll know, I have been raising money for Marie Curie and the Swimathon Foundation, and yesterday I finally swam the 2.5km I’ve been talking about for the past month!

The swim wasn’t too bad (in my last length I thought to myself I could probably carry on for another 20 lengths or so- but I don’t think I could do the full 5km!) and I think the only problem I had during the entire experience was that it was far too hot on poolside. I tend to get really hot anyway whenever I do any form of exercise, which I’m sure is not uncommon, but the fact that I was really warm anyway didn’t help.

But more about the actual day! Since Wednesday I’ve had a sore leg and I still don’t really know how it happened, so yesterday I made sure to rest up because it was still a bit of a problem. Luckily, it was generally okay yesterday and there is very little pain today.

The swim started at 5pm, and we had to be there half an hour before to register and get our own Swimathon swimming hats. I had seen some images of all the different colours you could get on social media, and I really wanted a blue or a black one (or even a white one) but I got a yellow one instead. It’s not a bad colour, and it definitely stands out! There was a team in my lane too, who had bright pink hats and once I saw them I was super jealous.

Luckily there weren’t too many people in my lane. I mentioned there was a team, and they were doing the 5km so every 30 lengths or so they would change swimmers. I think there were about five of them overall but I can’t really remember. Apart from them, there was myself and another lady doing the 2.5km, and a lady doing the 1.5km. Back when I registered to take part in the Swimathon, they ask you what speed you think you are, and as I hadn’t really swum properly for over a year, I went with medium fast. However, I think I was the fastest in my lane, so if I do this again next year, I might put down fast.

Talking of speed, I managed to swim all 100 lengths in a time of 41 minutes and 13 seconds, which I was really impressed with, considering I hadn’t done this before and when I did a practice session earlier last week, I did it in 48 minutes (including breaks for drinks). There was also the fact that there were other people in the lane going at different speeds and paces, so obviously if I had done this in my own lane I may have had a faster time, but at the end of the day it’s not about your speed or your time.

I am very happy to say that, currently, I have raised £180 for Marie Curie, which is enough to have nurse look after someone terminally ill for a 9-hour shift.  The whole point of this charity is caring for those who are terminally ill, and giving support to their family and friends so I am very pleased with the outcome!

I would also like to say thank you to anyone who donated. There is still time to donate, as the Swimathon takes place over this weekend (so there are more people across the country taking part today!) so if you would like to donate anything you have, I will leave the link here.

-The Storyteller


7 thoughts on “Swimathon 2017”

  1. Well done!! I don’t think I could ever do anything like that!!!
    Could you check out my new blog as I’ve just got a started and tell me if there’s anything I could improve? And maybbeee follooowww ittt?????

  2. Well done on raising that much money. All the cake sales i done have never amounted to anything as big as that, but i am quite a strong swimmer so hopefully i can do this one day 🙂

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