One Week To Go

Hey guys!

I have mentioned this a few times over the past month, but in a week TODAY I am taking part in a Swimathon to raise money for Marie Curie!

If you don’t already know what a Swimathon is, it’s basically a chance for you to swim as many lengths as possible while raising money for charity. This year, the Swimathon Foundation has teamed up with Marie Curie, and I thought what better opportunity to get back into swimming than this?

I have always been a keen swimmer, as I’m sure many of you will know (if you’ve been here for long enough), but since being at uni, I’ve found it hard to find the time and the motivation to go swimming. However, one of the bonuses here is that the leisure centre where I go does student prices, so I only have to pay £1.95 which is amazing.

Plus, I have reached my target and beyond, but that doesn’t mean the fundraising should stop there! Marie Curie is an amazing charity who care for those with any terminal illness, as well as providing support for friends and families. So if you can donate, I’ll leave the link to my Just Giving page here.

-The Storyteller


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