Show Week

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I am preparing for two weekends of showcases and it’s very stressful right now.

This weekend is my first showcase of 2017, and that’s the Glee Society showcase. We had our tech run last night which, in my honest opinion, went on a bit too late and I was bloody starving because yesterday I was HELLA BUSY and I hadn’t eaten anything since about 1pm so I was getting a bit hangry.

Yesterday was probably my busiest day so far, because I had a lecture from 12-3pm followed by a rehearsal for an hour, then I went to watch my boyfriend’s project to give some feedback, and after that I had radio for two hours on my own, immediately followed by the glee tech run so I didn’t stop for 12 hours and I was exhausted when I got back!

Tonight we have the dress run, so hopefully everything will run smoothly and we won’t be hanging around for too long… which reminds me that I should probably go over my lyrics again… Today has generally been more chill so I don’t think I’ll be as grouchy as I was last night, but I think tech runs tend to be a bit more boring because we’re not really there to perform. But obviously it’s important to make sure that the shows both go well!

So tomorrow and Sunday evening we will be doing our shows, and I am looking forward to it, but part of me can’t wait for it to be over because I will have so much less to stress about once the next week is over.

Then next weekend we have the Act society showcases, and a similar process will take place on Thursday and Friday evening. We have our “unofficial” Act dress run on Wednesday evening and we will be going over the finale and the opening pieces, as well as the bows, and then all the groups will show their pieces. This year I wrote and am directing a monologue which has been interesting because I’ve never directed a monologue before, so rehearsals are quite relaxed because it’s only me and one person. (Although choosing just one person out of 12 auditionees was so hard!)

I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to more, because Glee and Act are very different, but they’re filled with so many talented people so I am excited to perform with everyone again. So if I’m not around much over the next week or so, then that is my reason! But I will be back soon with some more posts, once all the excitement from the showcases has calmed a bit.

-The Storyteller


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