Beauty and the Beast

Hey guys!

If you didn’t already know (from previous posts about my love of Disney), I am a huge Disney fan/nerd and when I heard that Disney were making a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast I freaked out a little bit. When I heard that it was starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, I freaked out a bit more. And when I watched the latest trailer, I almost exploded. If you haven’t already seen the newest trailer, make sure you watch it! So this post is going to be a bit of a review of the trailer, because I’m super hyped for the film to come out this year. I’ll leave it below for you to watch it, even if you’ve already seen it a hundred times:

So, can we talk about how perfect Emma Watson is as Belle? Like, I get chills each time I watched the trailer, and especially when they start singing “Beauty and the Beast” my heart just melted and I swear to God, if this film is the first to make me cry then I will 100% be okay with that. (When it comes to emotional films, I’m a tough one to break!) And the yellow dress. The classic outfit… I literally don’t have anything to say because it’s so perfect and I’m so freaking excited!

This was supposed to be some kind of review but it’s hard to write out my reactions when I don’t even know what they are! There’s a lot of me waving my arms around and making weird noises, so try and picture that, I guess? I honestly can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast to come out, and I think this trailer is by far my favourite out of all the ones that have been released!

What do you guys think of the trailer? Are you as excited about the film as I am?

-The Storyteller


6 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Agreed! I love Emma so much and I’m sure, I’m going to shed so many tears while watching this movie. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite childhood movie and I can’t waitttt!!!

    1. I’m excited because I love Emma Watson (obviously) and also Dan Stevens because I’m a stupidly big Downton Abbey fangirl! But I think the whole cast looks incredible and I can’t wait either!

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