I’m A Student Without Netflix

Hey guys!

There are many stereotypes surrounding the species known as “the student”: We’re lazy, we’re insomniacs, we get drunk 24/7, we turn up to lectures still drunk (or if not drunk, definitely hungover), we pull all-nighters in the library getting that assignment started and finished the night before it’s due, and, most importantly, we binge watch everything on Netflix.

Surprise, surprise! These are not true! At least, not all of them. (For me, anyway!) I do like to go out, but I’m sensible so I’ve never turned up to a lecture still drunk or hungover. (but I don’t really get hangovers anyway so I think I’m one of the lucky ones!) Also, since being at university, I’ve found I rarely watch TV anyway. I have a shelf with some DVD’s I love, but I haven’t really watched any of them. Part of that is because I often find that I’m too busy, I have a book I need to read for a class, or I’m just too tired. So maybe that’s part of the reason why I haven’t invested in Netflix.

My family has Netflix, and my mum is definitely more into it than I am! But to be honest, I think I’d be wasting my money if I did get it, because of how little I watch TV anyway. Also, I am slightly scared to get it because I know that I will become the student who never leaves the library because I kept saying”just one more episode” and suddenly I have two days before my essay is due… I’m not ready for that kind of stress!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Netflix. There are so many great shows which I haven’t had the chance to watch, including Stranger Things- which, ironically, a group in one of my classes last semester did a presentation on, about why it should be studied as an American Gothic text… so clearly, Netflix DOES have its benefits! I think if I ever did watch anything on Netflix, it would be when I’m at home, and everyone else in my family is watching it. I think there’s something nicer about watching a show or a movie with other people, rather than on your own, because you can indulge in it together, and I like that that way, it’s a little more social.

I guess I’m lucky in that the house I live in at university already had a TV (which is ancient, but it still works) so we do sometimes watch movies together, or TV shows, and we’re not always locked away in our rooms being anti-social. Are we the closest group of housemates? Not necessarily, but we make it work, and I know I could be living with worse people who never leave their room because they need to watch the complete 10+ series of their current obsession.

What are your thoughts on Netflix? Is it a bad thing that I haven’t tried it out yet?

-The Storyteller


3 thoughts on “I’m A Student Without Netflix”

  1. I don’t think it’s a bad thing not to have Netflix as a student. I have access to my brother’s Netflix account but I hardly watch it as I don’t have time and there isn’t much on there that I want to watch. Like you I have several DVDs with me here at uni but I don’t remember the last time I watched one as I’m too busy :O

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