Top Ten Disney Films

Hey guys!

I know this isn’t the most original idea, but today I thought I would write down a list of my top ten favourite Disney films, because even though they are all great, there are a select few which I would happily watch over and over again (and over and over again). So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1: Tangled.

This is my all-time favourite Disney film. Why? Well, have you watched it? The story of Rapunzel wasn’t exactly my favourite as a child, but I loved how they adapted the story for the screen. Plus, Flynn Rider is just the greatest character ever, and did I mention the smoulder? He’s basically Disney’s version of Joey Tribbiani from Friends… The songs are fun and beautiful and classic Disney, so why wouldn’t Tangled be on my list?

2: The Emperor’s New Groove.

Quite possibly my second favourite Disney film? But it’s a very close second. The Emperor’s New Groove never gets old, and there are so many jokes that you understand the older you get- it’s one of those films for both kids and adults, which is just perfect because, as I said, it never gets old. I love that the story isn’t about the Emperor finding true love- oh no. He’s turned into a llama. Of course he is. Also, the relationship between both Kuzco and Pacha, and Yzma and Kronk absolutely make this film. (“Pull the lever, Kronk! WRONG LEVERRRR!”)

3: Moana.

If you read my review on Moana, you’ll know how much I loved this film. Obviously it’s one of Disney’s newest releases, but Disney did good. This film did not disappoint, and what’s more is that Lin Manuel Miranda helped write the music and lyrics so… what more can I say? The Rock is perfect as Maui, and hats off to Lin for getting him to sing! “You’re Welcome” is definitely one of my favourite songs from the film and I am determined to learn the rap! It will happen soon…

4: Inside Out.

This was one of my favourite films of the year when it came out, and I showed it to my boyfriend for the first time last year and I felt bad because it made him cry… but that shows how emotional it is! Ironic considering it’s a film about puns… Anyway, I loved Inside Out because it’s such an original idea, giving emotions emotions, and exploring what it’s like from a child’s perspective to move to a completely new place. One of the reasons I felt like I related to it so much was because I’ve been through what Riley goes through in the film- for a child, moving house and making new friends in a new school is so difficult, and Inside Out portrays this so well.

5: Hercules.

Finally getting to some more classic Disney! YAY! Honestly, I only watched Hercules properly for the first time last year, but OH MAN am I glad I did! I’m pretty sure we all know the story of Hercules so I won’t explain too much. I love the characters (especially Hades- he has all the sass) and the songs are fabulous and it’s just such a feel good Disney film. Sometimes with Disney films I find the little animal companion gets annoying, but it totally works in Hercules and I think they make it even better. Also, shout-out to Meg for being an absolute QUEEN.

6: The Little Mermaid.

This was always one of my favourites when I was little, so of course The Little Mermaid has to be on the list! I watched it fairly recently, and it brings back so many memories of when I watched it when I was little. But, as a huge dog lover, the bit when Eric’s ship is on fire and the dog is still on the boat LITERALLY almost made me cry. If it was either of my dogs on a flaming boat I would definitely go back and save them… but that’s not the point. Again, the songs are classic Disney, and they never get old. “Part Of Your World” is my absolute fave and I sometimes find myself belting it out in the shower and pretending that there is a wave splashing up behind me… *cough* What? I don’t do that…

7: Brave.

I loved Brave so much when I went to watch it because the princess defies the kingdom, and does not marry any of the suitors her father has suggested for her. I think it’s great! I remember there was a time when I had a problem with Disney films, and that was because the prince always has to save the princess and she has to marry him, the end. But with Brave, Merida goes against everything she has been taught to follow her own path. What makes it better, is that at the end, her parents still love her, and that’s such an important message to young audiences. Your parents are there to guide you, but you have to do what makes you happy.

8: Ratatouille.

Of course I had to include everyone’s favourite rat! Ratatouille is such a great film because a) it’s set in Paris, b) it’s about food, and c) a rat is the main character. Remy is such a cute character, and I love the relationship between him and Linguini once he starts “teaching” him how to cook. I think one of the most important messages from the film is that everyone can cook, and that you shouldn’t let other people put you down. Linguini starts off being such a shy character, but he proves himself to be more than he and everyone else thinks.

9: Mulan. 

Mulan. Ahhh, Mulan. What can I say about you, eh? It’s just one of the best Disney films out there, with even more amazing music and songs, and it has DRAGONS! And it’s set in China! Disney did so well with this film, and it’s always going to remain one of my favourites, because, like with Brave, it has a girl who can fight and fend for herself, and although she does get into a relationship at the end, she proves that she doesn’t need a guy to always be just around the corner to save her from the bad guy.

10: Zootropolis.

And last but not least, Zootropolis. This was one of my favourite films from last year, and I’ve seen it at least three more times since it came out on DVD and they started airing it on TV. Similar to some of the other films mentioned, I loved that the film focuses on Judy Hopps following her dream to become the first bunny police officer, and absolutely going against the odds. Zootropolis is great because it highlights how, even in a fictional animal world, prejudices still exist and Disney did a top notch job in portraying this, and how it can be changed. Nick Wild is a great character too, and he is just as important in the whole prejudice thing, because one of the main messages of the film was how foxes were viewed in a very negative way, yet he proves that this shouldn’t be the case.

So those are my top ten Disney films! Obviously there are still so many more great ones out there, but for me, these will always be my “go to’s”. What are some of your favourite Disney films?

-The Storyteller


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