Review On… Moana

Hey guys!

So this post is a little bit long overdue, because I saw Moana on Sunday for the first time, and by that stage it had been out for just over a month, but that wasn’t entirely my fault because I was also away for ten days over Christmas and New Year… Anyway, today, I decided I would write a review on Moana, because it’s one which I was really excited to see, and I’m so glad I finally got around to watching it in the cinema!


Moana is Disney’s latest release, and it is about a young girl called Moana (if you hadn’t already guessed), who is the daughter of a chief and is destined to rule the island, following in the footsteps of her father. Moana has a love for the ocean, but is held back by her father because of the dangers that lie beyond. Meanwhile, Moana’s grandmother encourages her to find the Demi-God Maui, and get him to replace a mystical relic of a goddess, in order to save her people.

One of the main reasons I first wanted to watch Moana was the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda was on the song-writing team, and if you aren’t already familiar with that name, he is the guy who wrote the Hamilton musical. So that sparked interest for me, because I’m a huge fan of his already, so I knew that the music in Moana had to be good. And you can definitely tell that some of the songs are in the same style as some of the ones in the Hamilton soundtrack. For example, the rapping in “You’re Welcome”, (sung by Dwayne Johnson/”The Rock”) reminds me so much of some of the Hamilton songs, and I just loved that they put some rap in a Disney film! You rarely get that, and I think that made Moana stand out just a little bit more.

The second thing I loved was that Moana doesn’t need a prince to save her. It’s not a story about romantic love, it’s about a girl who follows her heart in doing what she believes is right. Yes, she does need the help of Maui the Demi-God to help her on her journey, but there is no underlying-relationship-plot-thing going on. It reminded me a bit of other animated films like Brave, where the heroine is the one who is strong enough to get things done, and moving forward. I think if Disney had decided to put Moana and Maui in a relationship, it would have made it slightly weird, and also it would have ruined the whole plot, because the film was better without having any love triangles going on. (I don’t think that’s a spoiler, by the way!)

I definitely think this is one of my favourite Disney films… my favourite is Tangled, and unfortunately I don’t think Moana has beaten it. However, I would definitely put it as a close second, and certainly in my top five Disney films. If you haven’t already seen it, and it’s still in cinemas where you are, I would recommend watching it! I went to see it for my 20th birthday, so clearly it’s good for ALL ages, as long as you love a good Disney film!

-The Storyteller


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