Finding Motivation

Hey guys!

I feel like I’ve written a post like this in the past, but it’s always something that I find myself coming back to, or thinking of, especially when I get writer’s block. Surprise, surprise, I’ve got writer’s block right now!

Generally I think I can be very self motivated, and that’s a good thing. I love the fact that I can tell myself to go and do something even if I don’t particularly feel like it, because I’d much rather feel productive at the end of the day, rather than feel like I’ve wasted my time. I am a Student Ambassador for my university, and one of the main jobs we do is working on open days. I always loved going to open days, and I really enjoy talking to prospective students about what I love about my university. The only downside is that I have to be on campus at 7am, which kind of sucks when it’s winter and the sun only starts to rise at around 8am! (Don’t forget the cold mornings…) But I remember how much I love doing it, and there’s also the fact that if I don’t go, I won’t get paid and I kind of need the money right now!

The same thing goes for my swimming days. If you’ve followed me for the past couple of years, you’ll probably know that I swam five days a week, and two of those training sessions were early morning ones. I had to be up at 5:30, leave the house at 6:00, and be on poolside for a 6:30 start. I did this for about two and a half years. What motivated me to continue going was partly my love of the sport, and partly because I wanted to push myself to get better, and I felt that if I missed a session, everyone else who was there would have an advantage of some kind, and would suddenly be really good! (I’m joking… kind of…)

Then it comes to writing essays. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you get a really good question, and you have loads of great things to say… but sometimes you think your lecturer is just out to get you and set an awful question, and you just have no idea what to write. Maybe it’s too difficult, and because of that, you can’t find the motivation. I’ve been in this situation a few times since being at university, and the only way to get through it is by reminding yourself why you’re at university in the first place, and telling yourself how much you want to pass. I normally try and motivate myself to start writing an essay a couple of weeks in advance, because then I know I’ll have time to write a few hundred words a day, as well as having time to do research and proof reading.

It’s always hard to find motivation for things that you don’t enjoy. But you have to remind yourself why you’re in that situation, and normally the only way to get through something is by thinking of what outcome you want, and then you take it from there!

-The Storyteller


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