Highlights of 2016

Hey guys!

It’s that time of year for my Highlights of the past year! This is going to be an interesting one because, let’s be honest, 2016 has not been what everyone expected. Not only did Brexit and Donald Trump became the president of the United States happen, but we also had so many celebrity deaths this year, many of whom were an inspiration to me. With only a few more days left of 2016, I think the only thing that would surprise me would be if something good happened!

But apart from the global impacts this year has had on all of us, my personal life has been pretty damn good, which is a great comparison to last year, in which I was miserable for a good half of 2015, until September when I started university. So let’s rewind to the beginning of this year.

Although university is a struggle, with all the essays and assignments, it was a great start to 2016. I became better friends with some girls on my course, and now they’re some of my best friends, and I’m going to be living with a couple of them next year which I’m really excited about! I think that without them, I don’t know how I would have gotten through my course! I mean, I enjoy it and English Literature was definitely the course for me, but they’re some of the most supportive people I’ve met, and I would have had a very different year without them.

In March I went to see Foxes in Bristol, with one of my friends from school who I hadn’t seen in six months! I’m not the biggest fan of Foxes but I do like her music, and she is really good live too, which definitely made the night better. I’ve been to a few gigs where I’ve only known a couple of the songs that were being played but I couldn’t enjoy it, but this gig was one I enjoyed the whole way through. It was also really good to see my friend again, because it’s not so easy (or cheap) to go and visit her all the time.

I also passed my first year of university! That was kind of an expected one, but I was happy all the same! First year of university doesn’t exactly count for your degree, but you have to pass it anyway. But being me, I worried anyway that something was going to go wrong!

I wasn’t planning on this post being all relationship-y, but I’ll throw some of that in there anyway! My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year which is great and we’ve done some really cool stuff this year- we’ve been to London a few times, and the trips included going to Madame Tussaud’s, Sea Life, and Winter Wonderland. I love going to London anyway, and being at a university which is only an hour away by train makes it even easier to do things together. I’ve loved this year with him and hopefully 2017 will be just as good!

Over the summer, as usual, I went to South Africa with my family. It was really nice to see my family over there again, because we only get to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins who live there once a year anyway. We usually stay with my grandparents, but because they’re getting a bit older now, my mum thought it might be easier on them if we stayed with my aunt instead. We still got to see them most days that we were there, so it wasn’t like too much had changed!

I also started my second year at university, and I think I’ve done pretty well so far at ACTUALLY ADULTING. I know. I’m an adult. I live in a house, I pay rent and bills, and I’m not broke yet! The first semester of this year has gone really well- I have done volunteering with my university during Fresher’s Fortnight which was really enjoyable. I met so many great people through it and I made some friends who are still in my life now. With university, it’s quite easy to meet people who you’ll never see again, so actually remaining friends with people who aren’t living with you, who aren’t on your course, or aren’t in a society with you, it’s hard to keep in contact sometimes.

My essays so far have been pretty consistent: I’ve been getting 2:1’s in the majority of my assignments (apart from one presentation where I was one mark off a 2:1 but that’s only one mark) so I really hope that this will continue! Speaking of, I have an essay I need to write for when I get back, and I haven’t started it yet…

And of course, I’m now in Scandinavia! My family flew to Stockholm just before Christmas, and we are now in Copenhagen for New Years. I’ve only been in Denmark for 24 hours, but I think I’m enjoying it here more than Stockholm… I think it’s more me but I don’t know how to explain why? Maybe because I’ve wanted to come to Copenhagen for a while, and now I’m finally here and it’s so great! It’s where Hans Christian Andersen lived, there is an amusement park which is 170 years old which looks amazing, and it was apparently what inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland, but I doubt I will be able to go there because I’m the only one in my family who likes that kind of thing… I’m definitely going to have to come back with my boyfriend just to go there!

And we also went to look at the Little Mermaid statue today- it was a little bit of a let down, to be completely honest… there were so many tourists there and it seemed a bit weird that so many people came just for this one small statue. I mean, it’s not like it’s tiny but, and I’m glad we went to see it, but there isn’t really much else to do there apart from taking a couple of pictures and then going again!

So that has been my 2016! I feel like I should have written more and I’m worried that there’s something I’ve forgotten… if I have I know I’ll be kicking myself but realistically, I’ll probably just edit this post and add it in somewhere! I hope you all enjoy what’s left of 2016, and I will be back in the New Year!

-The Storyteller


1 thought on “Highlights of 2016”

  1. Thanks for this lovely post and for sharing how 2016’s been for you. Look forward to reading more posts from you this coming year. Wishing you a great 2017!

    If you have a minute, it would mean a lot if you could check out my “Dear 2016” composition and critique it. If you have a YouTube account, please feel free to comment on the video too – youtu.be/MSDSG9I4J5Y

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