Christmas in Stockholm

Hey guys!

Merry Christmas from Stockholm, Sweden! Yeah, I’m not at home for Christmas, but I’m with my family so it’s okay! We are here until the 28th and then we are driving to Copenhagen, Denmark for New Years.

We arrived on the 23rd, and just spent the evening in the hotel because it was quite late. But yesterday we went to look around the city centre and mainly did shopping things. We visited the old city, which I think I liked the most because the buildings are so pretty and typically European… if you get what I mean! My feet were hurting a lot yesterday from all the walking, but it’s definitely one of those cities where you can walk everywhere.

Then we came back to the hotel and got ready before having a Christmas Eve meal at the hotel. We thought there was going to be a set Christmas menu, but it was the normal one. It wasn’t too bad because the food is nice, but we didn’t feel like always having the same things, so this evening we just ordered room service!

Today, after having pancakes with cream and nutella for breakfast, we went to go on a boat tour around the lakes and rivers that surround Stockholm. It was just over an hour long, but it was really interesting, and it was a perfect day for it too. I didn’t realise how much of Stockholm is built up on islands. It’s so unusual because you normally expect cities to be built up around one main river but Stockholm isn’t like that.

Afterwards, we came back to the hotel again because my shoes were rubbing like crazy, and also my brother’s shoes were getting uncomfortable too. So after a quick costume change, we headed back out and drove to this park which we passed on the tour. But instead of going to the park, we went to the ABBA Museum instead! Obvious choice there, if I may say so myself! There was a floor dedicated to Eurovision which was great because I love the show, but it also reminded me of how many times Sweden has won it…

And then we came back to the hotel and ordered room service, because there were some slightly different things on the room service menu which were also really good! So that has been my Christmas weekend in Stockholm! I’ll probably keep you posted about what goes on in Copenhagen for New Year, and I’ll definitely write my Highlights of 2016 post whilst there! So keep an eye out!

-The Storyteller

6 thoughts on “Christmas in Stockholm”

  1. It sounds like you are having such a nice Christmas weekend! I would love to go there someday, and really just see all of Europe. Its all so unique and nice and just really lovely. Plus its filled with so much history which we don’t really have here! Xx

    1. I think it depends what you like! We looked at the ABBA museum which was really interesting, as well as the Nordic Museum. And there’s plenty of shops and cafes to visit! The Hard Rock Cafe there was also really good 😊

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