Monthly Discoveries

Monthly Discoveries: December

Hey guys!

So this month’s discovery is another Youtube musician, who I “discovered” a while ago, actually, but she is so talented and deserves as much recognition as possible! On an unrelated side note, my typing has definitely gotten worse over the past three months because I keep spelling all the words wrong and it’s so FRUSTRATING.

But anyway, this is Mackenzie Johnson, and the video I’ve decided to choose is her cover of “This Town” by Niall Horan. I’m not a One Direction/Niall fan, but I do really like this song, and I love this cover too. It’s really sweet, and I love that it’s just her singing with her guitar, the lyrics are cute, and sometimes you just need a song like that to listen to for a while when things are getting tough… you know?

-The Storyteller


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