Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park

Hey guys!

In my December Update post, I said I was going to Winter Wonderland today- I actually went yesterday. Sorry for the slight lie there, but at the time I wrote that post I thought I would be going today and not yesterday! But enough of that, let’s get on with the actual post…

For those of you who don’t know what Winter Wonderland is, or have never been to it before (like myself), it’s basically a huge Christmas Market in Hyde Park, London, and not only does it have the traditional Christmas Market stalls and food stands, but it also has rides. And I’m not just talking about tacky carnival rides like dodgems and Ferris wheels- oh no. They have roller-coasters too. And I’m talking about big ones.

Four of us went- myself, my boyfriend, and two of our friends (it was kind of a double date in a way). We went on most of the rides, as this was what my boyfriend had really come There was one called XXL which was one of those swing things that spins around as it swings you and it gets higher and faster, almost to the point where you’re upside down but you never go completely over the top.

That one wasn’t quite my cup of tea, so I decided to be dedicated bag holder whilst the other three went on the ride. I don’t mind going upside down and being spun around, but I’m weird with rides where my legs are dangling, plus being upside down, plus being swung around, plus going back and forth made me feel uneasy, and I felt sick watching it! Also, I was technically obeying the rules, because it said “Not for the faint hearted” and “No whimps”. So really, I was just respecting the rules!

However, my boyfriend and I did go on one called “Munich Looping” (I think that’s the right name) and it was one of the biggest roller-coasters there. It had five loops and it was amazing! It was by far my favourite ride, but as Winter Wonderland is free entry, you have to pay to go on the rides (£1- 1 Token) and this one was £9. I knew I wanted to go on it the second I saw it, but I’m glad we saved it until the end. I was really nervous before going on it, because it’s been two and a half years since I’ve been on such a big roller-coaster with that amount of loops, but once the first loop was out of the way it was amazing.

They also had an Ice Rink, and some other things which you had to buy another ticket for but these were sold out when we got there, which was around 1pm. It didn’t bother me too much, because if we did go ice skating, I’d have preferred to have worn thicker socks instead of tights, because I have a bad history of getting blisters and bruises from the skating boots. I think it’s similar for everyone, but I didn’t want to put my feet in any more pain, especially because we were walking around London afterwards too. Maybe next time!

I would say a lot of the things there were quite over-priced, but then it is a tourist attraction and they need to make money. However it was a really great day out, and I’m glad I went. As it was the first time I’d been, and it was also the tenth anniversary, I don’t know if there was anything special for this anniversary in comparison to previous years. I would recommend it, but if you do go, I would suggest walking around first and looking at what rides and stalls there are to offer, rather than paying a lot of money for one thing when you can find a cheaper one around the corner!

-The Storyteller


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