December Update

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, and I know next week I won’t be posting much, but I am fairly stress free right now and for the next few days (until Tuesday to be exact) so I thought I would post a quick update for you guys!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a long time, you may remember I used to do Update posts every few months but I’ve kind of stopped doing them, because I felt like I was always updating you anyway. But since I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging (thanks to university work) I think it’s worth doing one again.

So today I got back my second essay of the year and I got 66% in it (my highest grade so far by one mark) and that works out to be a 2:1, which I’m really happy with, as I now have two essays of a 2:1 standard. Hopefully this will continue for the rest of the year!

Speaking of essays, I had to upload one on Tuesday, as it was due in yesterday and the deadline was before midday. However, I also had a presentation yesterday morning in my normal class time, which finished at midday, hence why I uploaded it on Tuesday night. Now, with my previous essays  that I’ve uploaded, I was fine to have my bibliography and essay saved on different files, so I thought this time would be no different. But when it came to uploading it, I could only upload one file at a time, so I didn’t have a bibliography with my essay… so in my stress I emailed my lecturer both my essay and my bibliography and explained the situation. He wanted us to send him a back up copy anyway, in case anything went wrong so now he’s got it and hopefully everything is okay!

I am also in the process of looking for a house for next year. I’m not 100% happy with the house I’m in this year, and sometimes my housemates and I have problems and I have another group of friends I’d rather live with anyway. So I’d like to get this sorted asap, but finding houses isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m sure I’ll let you know once I actually secure somewhere for next year though!

On Sunday, my boyfriend and two of our friends are going to London to the Winter Wonderland, and I’m really excited because I’ve never been there before and I think this year is like the 10th anniversary or something so hopefully it’ll be really good! I can’t really say much more on it because as I said, I’ve never been before! But there will definitely be a post about that coming up soon!

Next week I am going to be crazy busy. It is my last week of term, and I have three assignments to do. On Tuesday morning I have a presentation, and me and my partner are going last and I hate that we have to go last, because I’d much rather go around the middle somewhere. I know I’ll get really anxious waiting for everyone else, and if their presentations are all really good I know I’ll feel worse about my presentation! It’s for my Chaucer module, and we are looking at the Pardoner’s Tale, and we’ve even managed to mention Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in it, because the Tale of the Three Brothers is based on the Pardoner’s Tale. So I hope my lecturer will appreciate it!

I also get two take away exams on Tuesday. One is for my Victorian Fictions module, and it’s due in on the Friday (my last day of term) so we only have three days to do it. The annoying thing is that it goes online at 3pm (I think) when I’m in a lecture, and I won’t be able to look at it until 6pm. And my second take away exam is for the said lecture, which I nicknamed Brit Lit. And that one goes online after the lecture anyway. Luckily we have a week to do the second one, but it’s still going to stress me out because I’ve never done a takeaway exam before so we’ll just have to see how that goes!

So that is my life for the next week or so. I hope I won’t have a breakdown so close to Christmas and I think I’ve had enough stress over the past fortnight anyway! But on the plus side, it’s a month until my 20th birthday! What!!!! Anyway, I need to go and get some work done, so hopefully you’ll hear from me very soon!

-The Storyteller


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