That President Thing…

Hey guys!

So, I’ve been debating as to whether or not I should actually write anything about the American Presidential election/campaign, and to be fair, I’ve been fairly quiet about it. Obviously I’m not American so I can’t exactly speak out for everyone or whatever, but I still have an opinion so I want to voice it while I still can!

I think it’s stupid that someone who has no political or military background is the president. Someone with no experience as to how to sort out situations without having a temper tantrum is now running one of the most powerful countries in the world. Someone who had his Twitter account taken out of his control because his team didn’t trust what he would say.

I can’t believe that people would vote for someone who has repeatedly mistreated women (and mistreated is a general statement here), someone who is going on trial because he’s been accused of raping a young girl, someone who doesn’t believe that everyone has the same rights as each other. I can’t believe that people actually think he’s going to do anyone any favours.

I’ve said on Twitter before that I’m glad I’m not American, because I don’t know who I’d vote for. As we all know, neither Trump nor Clinton were exactly good candidates, but Trump is a god damned idiot who can’t be trusted, to put it simply… He is inexperienced and a misogynist and sexist, and racist and ableist and everything else you could hate in a person.

I woke up to hear the news that Trump won the election, and to be honest, it didn’t surprise me that much, especially after Brexit. But what annoys me most is that people:

a) didn’t vote for Clinton mainly because of this whole email thing (which wasn’t true and affected her entire campaign)

b) didn’t vote because they didn’t care (only 38% actually voted…)

c) voted for a dead Gorilla (something like 11,000 people voted for an animal?)

I’m in a confused state right now. I don’t understand.

But hey, at least Trump is our first Orange president…

-The Storyteller


10 thoughts on “That President Thing…”

  1. I’m in complete agreement…I’m American and I voted for Clinton and I agree she isn’t perfect, but she’s a whole lot better than what turned out to be. I’m not proud to be American currently (disgust is a more accurate sentiment at the moment)…I’m a bit scared for what might happen

    1. All I can do is hope that he’ll not f*ck up too badly…. And that’s me being optimistic!! I hope his advisors actually know what they’re doing too… I mean, I’m not fully aware of American politics but still…

      1. American politics is…complicated. And in general they don’t really work. I definitely hope so too

      2. …that’s a good point. hopefully he’ll do good things though, instead of building a wall or reversing same sex marriage (etc)

  2. I didn’t vote. I wanted to vote for Hillary, but I just didn’t know if the haters would go after her if she won. I don’t like Trump. I think he won’t be good for this country or the world.

    1. I guess that’s a fair point. But couldn’t the same be said for Trump? Apparently Lady Gaga was protesting outside Trump Tower or something! I think because it was such a vicious election, whatever the outcome there would be hate which is why the country is now so divided… the same happened here with Brexit and there are still tensions now :\

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