Autumnal Walks

Hey guys!

Today was a pretty chill Sunday, so I finally got around to convincing my boyfriend to just come out on a walk with me. In Winchester, especially where I live, we have a great view of this place called St Catherine’s Hill, and I have been there once which was towards the end of last semester before the summer, but he hasn’t been there before. So today was finally our chance to go together!

Please note, all photos taken are both mine and my boyfriend’s!

From where I live, it takes an hour to walk to St Cath’s, but it’s a really pretty walk, especially at this time of year. We walked along the River Itchen, and there were so many dogs, it literally made my life. (I love dogs, if you don’t already know!) It was so pretty because the leaves were a mix of green, yellow and red, and there was about an equal amount of leaves on the floor and on the trees still, and it just reminded me of why I love Autumn so much.


Once we made the trek up to the top of St Cath’s, which is really steep, we took in the view which really is worth the pain of making your way up! You can see the whole of Winchester, and some of my friends went there last night to watch the fireworks too. It was really windy at the top, so taking pictures without hair blowing across my face did become a bit of a mission, but we got there! #longhairproblems


There is a group of trees in the centre of the top of St Cath’s, as it used to be a fort. I had a feeling this might be, and I was happy to find that I was right, once we made our way back down, because there was an information board saying so! I’m glad we went on this walk, because there are so many things to explore, and you can spend time with people you care about without having to spend any money… although we did go for a Costa afterwards because we were both freezing!

Have any of you guys been to Winchester before? And have you walked up St Catherine’s hill? Let me know! If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend it!

-The Storyteller


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