Halloween Tales

Hey guys!

And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Since it’s Halloween, I thought to myself, what better way to celebrate than to tell a classic ghost story? So friends, sit back, grab a pillow, don’t spill your hot chocolate, and let’s begin…

Once upon a time, there was a young girl called Eliza. Now, Eliza was a beautiful girl, and all the men of the town thought she was the most gorgeous woman they had ever seen. Then one day, it was time for Eliza to start thinking about marriage. However, Eliza was not interested in any of the men in the town, no matter how hard they tried to woo her. Nor was she particularly interested in getting married. Until one day, a young man entered the town, and they met. Eliza instantly fell in love with the young man, but she didn’t want to give in too easily; so, she set him a challenge.

“At the top of that mountain,” she said pointing to the dark, looming mountain that towered above the town, “is a rare white flower. If you want to prove yourself to me, then you must climb to the top of the mountain, and pick the flower and bring it back to me.” The terms were simple, the man thought. How hard could it be? So off he went, up and up the mountain side. It got colder and colder, and windier and windier, and the winds got louder and louder, and the man was beginning to wonder if and when he would ever reach the top- and then he saw the rare white flower.

With hands trembling from the cold and anticipation, he reached for the flower and carefully picked it. For a single moment, he breathed a sigh of relief. But then the mountain below him began to tremble, and that tremble turned into vicious shaking, and before he knew it, the man lost his footing and fell. No one ever found his body.

The people of the town stared up in shock at the mountain, but it was Eliza who felt the most guilt. She screamed and screamed, far longer than anyone else. Her parents dragged her inside, kicking and yelling, and resisting. The girl went mad. She was locked in her room- no one knows for how long exactly, but no one ever saw her again. Her parents would bring up food to her room, but she would never eat it. But they were too scared to go in and talk to her, so they always kept the door locked. At night, Eliza would look out the window at where the tip of the mountain once was, and soon enough, the madness started to get the better of her. So, late one night when everyone in the town was asleep, she jumped out of the window and was never seen again…

It is said that she tried to climb the mountain herself, to pick the rare white flower that cost her one true love his life, because the very next morning, the townspeople were awoken to a deep rumbling, that was as loud as an earthquake. Eliza’s parents rushed into her room, to find it empty. The room was exactly the same as it was before, except for the multiple scratch marks all over the walls. Her parents were so scared, and devastated, that they sold the house, and never returned to the town again.

Now you may think that this is just another love story gone wrong. But I know someone who lives in that very house, and you know what makes it creepy? The name Eliza is written on the window pane… no, not written. It was engraved. And the worst thing? They hear screams, echoing across the town at night. And footsteps along the halls. No one knows what happened to Eliza. But what if she never left?

-The Storyteller


4 thoughts on “Halloween Tales”

  1. Happy Halloween to you to from India!
    Great Tale as well.

    Btw I am a (wannabe) movie critic and I basically post reviews for all films I watch.I am a beginner at this so please drop by my blog if you could spare some time.All feedback is appreciated.Thanks!! 🙂

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