Quick Halloween Makeup

Hey guys!

As it’s Halloween tomorrow, I thought I would write about last minute Halloween makeup, because on Friday I decided to go to a Halloween party about two hours before we left, and I didn’t have anything to wear- both in the wardrobe and on the face. After a quick Google search, I decided that my theme would be “creepy doll thing”, because that meant I wouldn’t have to get an entire costume especially for one character. I didn’t have any face paint, so I just had to make do with my everyday makeup, and this is kind of how it turned out!

I did my makeup as I always do, and just drew on scar marks with my black L’Oreal eyeliner pen. First I just did two marks from either side of my lips going across my cheeks towards the ears. I also added a short one on my forehead, and later put one around my neck, and underneath I put three X’s. I also put on as much mascara as I could as I didn’t have any fake eyelashes, and then on my bottom lids, just under the lashes themselves, I drew some small lines going down to try and make my lashes look a bit longer, and to also try and look a bit creepy. I guess you could say I was going for the Nightmare Before Christmas style makeup.

I also used some of the darker shades of brown from my Maybelline Blushed Nudes pallet rather than using eyeliner, because I thought some different shades would make me look a bit more… I don’t know… dead? And it made my eyes darker but not too dark either. Then all I did was tie my hair up in messy bunches, put in a clip with a bow in, and voila!

And this was the end product! (Plus creepy filters for effect!)


Do I get an A for effort or what? I’m quite proud of it! Although I did blend in the eye shadow a little bit more before going out, as you can see in the second picture. I’m not the best when it comes to doing eye makeup anyway!

-The Storyteller


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