A Milestone!

Hey guys!

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that this week I gained 400 followers, which was exciting in itself because… well, it’s 400 people! That’s crazy! What’s even more crazy is that there are now 400 WordPress users following this blog! WHAAAT?! That means I have a combined following of around 800 people, if you’re looking at Twitter, WordPress, and those who have subscribed via email.

That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Thank you all so much for your love and support, whether you started following this blog today, last week, or five years ago. Whenever I get a notification saying I’ve got a new follower, it always surprises me, because where do you all keep on coming from?? Like, seriously? I’ve always thought of my blog as relatively small but apparently people keep on finding it! But I am in no means complaining. I write not just for me, but for you guys, and for a long time I felt I didn’t really have an audience to write to but over time you showed me that I do have someone to write for- and that’s you guys!

So again, thank you.

All 800 of you.

-The Storyteller


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