I’ve Failed at Blogtober

Hey guys!

If you’re not already aware, I attempted to do Blogtober this year, and 23 days in to the month, I have failed. I did know that it would be challenging for me to actually post every single day this month with being a second year university student and all, but when I started doing this, I thought I would miss only one or two days. And I have definitely missed more than that!

It’s not like I haven’t been posting regularly. It’s quite the opposite really. I post when I can and when I feel like it won’t be rushed, and when I feel like I have something worthwhile to say. I’d rather miss a day or two in between each post than rush something which isn’t worth reading anyway.

So apologies for that! I will try and write as much as possible for the next seven days or so, but I have an essay due in on November 1st, which is a week on Tuesday, so that is going to be taking up most of my free time. And when I’m not writing or editing that, I don’t even know if I’m going to want to look at the keyboard, let alone write something!

Obviously I am still going to be around, and I am still going to write, but this is really just my confession to formally let you know that I, Janet, the blogger behind The Storyteller, have failed Blogtober 2016, and I hope you will all stay with me through this tough time… or something like that!

Anyway, I need to think about going to bed/worry about my first ever tuition tomorrow afternoon about said essay that needs to be handed in next Tuesday and I may or may not be worrying about that a little bit. I just hope my lecturer won’t be too mean!

-The Storyteller


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