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Review on… Storks

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went to watch Storks with my boyfriend, mainly because we felt like watching something lighthearted rather than serious. I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to like this film when I went in to the cinema, because I’d only watched the trailer once or twice but I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

So the basic premise of the film is that once upon a time, Storks were in the baby delivery business. But that became dangerous and they eventually started delivering packages instead. The main character is Junior, a popular and high flying (pun intended) Stork, who is about to be promoted. Then we have Tulip, a human who was never delivered to her family because her tracker was destroyed when she was a baby. Junior has to fire Tulip, as she just causes trouble, and she is also now 18 and is allowed to go and find her family. (Even though she doesn’t have anything to help her find them…)

Meanwhile, on Earth, a young boy called Nate, who is an only child, desperately wants a baby brother because he is bored with his parents busy work schedule. He sends a letter to the Storks, and thanks to Tulip, a baby is made. It is up to Junior and Tulip to deliver the baby to its family before anyone finds out.

I thought the plot was quite creative, and it didn’t feel like it was copying the plot of a previous film. As far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any films made about Storks so it was pretty unique. The main word I found myself using to describe the film was “cute”. It was a cute film, it was fun, the jokes weren’t all terrible, and I definitely think it’s something a family can enjoy together. The animation, especially of the humans, was really really good and I was surprised at the clarity of it all.

I think the one thing I didn’t particularly like was that the wolves were overused, in my opinion. There was one scene where their presence was necessary and it fit into the storyline, but then later on in the film they are brought back again and it felt quite out of the blue and unnecessary. It seemed like they ran out of ideas of things to cause trouble for the protagonists, so they just brought back the wolves. To be fair, they were hilarious but when they were overused, the novelty wore off.

The other character who I didn’t like was the Pigeon Toady. He was just really annoying, and it felt like they were just trying to make him funny through his accent and what he said, but I didn’t like it at all. I understand that maybe for kids, this character would have been hilarious but it didn’t really work for me.

Generally I thought the film was okay. It wasn’t the best film I’ve seen all year, but it wasn’t a bad effort, either. There were definitely many positives about the film; it was lighthearted, it was fun, but personally I don’t think I would buy it on DVD, and I’m not sure if I’d pay to see it again in the cinema.

-The Storyteller

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