Everyday Make Up Look

Hey guys!

Today I am going completely out of my depth here and I am doing a kind of daily make up routine that I do! I don’t think I’ve ever really spoken much about my own make up style before on my blog, because I am in no way a make up guru. I’ve certainly given my opinions on make up before, but I thought it could be quite fun! So let’s go!

1- Face wash

I have a L’oreal face wash which is kind of a basic face wash… I normally use it twice a day (unless I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered) in the morning and the evening. I usually use it before and after wearing make up just to make my face feel a bit more clean!


2- Foundation

The first actual step of my make up routine is foundation. My foundation is by Clinique, and it’s kind of got a concealer in it, so I don’t have a concealer. It has pretty good coverage, and it doesn’t really feel too heavy either, which is always nice! I apply my foundation with a simple foundation brush I got in Superdrug or somewhere. It wasn’t that expensive and it does the job!


3- Powder

My powder is also by Clinique. (to be fair, most of my stuff is from Clinique, so unless I say otherwise, just assume it’s by Clinique!)  Again, it’s quite light and I think it sets the foundation well! I never used to wear any kind of powder before I got this one, so I’m assuming I’m doing it right… I use my old blusher brush from Bobbi Brown to apply it because I don’t have anything else and it works, so I won’t complain! (I told you I’m not a make up guru…)


4- Blush

I usually wear blush, but sometimes I forget, or if I’m already a little pink and don’t feel like I need it then I won’t bother. It comes with a brush in it, which is quite small but it is also angled so it makes it a bit easier to apply in my opinion. I like the colour of this one, although it is quite pigmented so you really don’t need to apply much.

5- Eyebrows

I got a couple of brow products from Benefit over the summer, and I never realised that my eyebrows could look better! I have never plucked my eyebrows or changed them in anyway, but I usually fill them in a bit if I’m wearing make up. One is like a pen thing, which has a brush on one end, and the actual colour on the other. I don’t even know what they’re called… can you tell I’ve never done this before?


My other brow product is kind of like mascara for brows. It has a little brush thing in a pot of brown goo and you just brush it through your brows. Sometimes if I don’t have loads of time, I will just use this because it’s a lot quicker!


6- Eye Shadow

I still have my very first eye shadow which I got from Bobbi Brown. It’s a cream eye shadow, and it’s in the shade ballet pink (I think). It’s my favourite eye shadow because it’s very subtle, and it’s nice to just wear it on a normal day out. Sometimes I wear it when I’m going out out, but I may put some eyeliner over it. As you can probably tell by the photo, I’ve used it a lot! 

I also have a Maybelline eye shadow pallet called “blushed nudes”, which I do like but I took it with me on the train over the summer or Easter to visit my boyfriend and one of the little sections just crumbled everywhere and that sucked… but I can still use it and I like the neutral shades.

7- Eyeliner

I have several eyeliners, but the’re all the pen style ones because I personally find them easier to use. My most used it by L’Oreal, and it’s pretty decent. I would say the only downside is that it’s not waterproof, so if I’m out in a hot sweaty club, it will smudge a bit around the corners of my eyes.

I also have a Soap and Glory Super Cat Liner which is similar to the one I mentioned before, but I think it’s slightly harder to apply. But generally it’s not bad at all. It’s black (like with all of my eyeliners) and it’s a very good black… if you get me… Like, it has a good coverage and generally I’m happy with it!


8- Mascara

I am currently using a free Clinique mascara which came with my other Clinique products. It is a small tube, and the brush itself does look quite intimidating at first, but I like it. The colour is black, and I think it definitely lengthens my eyelashes. (Although I already have long lashes, but it just makes it more obvious!)

I also have a Benefit mascara, but I find that it makes my lashes stick together which I don’t like much, because I like my lashes to look more flared… You know? I don’t think it’s a bad mascara, but that’s the only problem I have with it!

9- Lips

I also got a free chubby stick from Clinique, and I absolutely love it. I think it’s my favourite thing out of my entire make up bag. The colour is a really nice berry pink/purple colour and this is definitely the kind of colour I go for when looking at lipsticks. I’m not a huge fan of nude lipsticks but I think berry colours and pinks and reds suit me much more anyway!


So that is my make up routine! I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s pretty different to the normal post, but since this is Blogtober and it’s a time for challenging yourself to do new things, I thought I may as well!

-The Storyteller


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